Mitch McConnell as the Prince of Illegal Immigration

Last week, in one of the most bizarre columns he’s ever written, George Will inadvertently blew Mitch McConnell’s cover as the prince of amnesty.  As Democrats languish from the negative consequences of the Obamacare rollout, and amnesty legislation is left for dead, George Will is looking for a way to revive “comprehensive immigration reform.”


Comparing Mitch McConnell to Henry Clay, the ultimate compromiser, Will suggests that McConnell’s great achievement as Majority Leader- in-waiting would be to pass amnesty and save America from a civil war:

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell does know. The most important Kentuckian since Henry Clay, McConnell knows that his hero Clay, who was called “the great compromiser,” failed to engineer Senate passage of a comprehensive compromise in 1850. McConnell, who wrote his senior thesis at the University of Louisville on the Compromise of 1850, knows that this was achieved by the canniness of Stephen A. Douglas. His is a name not much mentioned on Capitol Hill since he died in 1861 at age 48.

In 1850, the “Little Giant” — he stood 5 feet 4 — was in his first term as senator from Illinois. He would win his third term in 1859, defeating the tall man who was president when Douglas died. Douglas’s great achievement — the compromises of 1850 — helped save the union by releasing steam from the sectional crisis. This delayed the Civil War — the “irrepressible conflict” — until a decade of immigration and industrialization had made the North more prepared to win it, and until two other Illinois men, Abraham Lincoln and U.S. Grant, emerged.


Putting aside the uncanny comparison to the civil war, George Will is actually dead on about McConnell.  He is the King of K Street, and thus, the prince of amnesty.  There is no question he would forge a deal to bail out Democrats from their misery were he to become Majority Leader.  Although Will never explains why he thinks McConnell would pursue immigration deform, he is very close to the Minority Leader and understands that he is the strongest undocumented supported of Obama’s prized second term initiative.

One thing is clear: you don’t raise the type of money McConnell rakes in every cycle if you oppose the endless supply of cheap labor.  It happens to be that so many of McConnell’s associates and alumni work for amnesty groups like Zuckerberg’s PAC or the Chamber of Commerce.  They always know he is in their back pocket, but is unable to vocally support them because his Kentucky constituents don’t appreciate illegal immigration.

After voting for the 2006 amnesty, McConnell backed away from the 2007 version as he faced a tough reelection campaign.  He ultimately voted against the 2007 amnesty bill.  According to Robert Novak, “Not only did the minority leader end up voting against an immigration bill that he said was better than the 2006 version he supported, he abandoned his post, staying off the floor during final stages of the debate.” Also, “McConnell was among six switchers who voted no after the 40 senators needed to kill the bill were recorded.”


Once again, earlier this year, after soliciting Marco Rubio to join the gang and after praising the bill in committee and on K Street, McConnell voted against it.

Unlike Henry Clay, he wasn’t man enough to vote for excrement sandwiches he helps make.

Mitch McConnell is beseeching Republicans in Kentucky and across the country to make him Majority Leader, as if that is the most important political goal of all time.  Ask yourself this question: do we really need McConnell to become Majority Leader all for the purpose of passing amnesty?


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