The Great Big GOP Establishment Obamacare Lie

Among the many insightful things Ted Cruz said during his historic filibuster through the night was that there is no honesty in the Republican Party.  He noted that it would be better to have a Senate full of Republicans like Mike Lee and Democrats like Bernie Sanders – people who actually believe what they say, and are honest and open about it.  What he meant to say is that most of Washington is full of finger lickin’ frauds like Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn, and Harry Reid.


We all know that Mitch McConnell and his mealy-mouthed minions believe that Obamacare is the law of the land and will never be repealed [root and branch].  But they are not man enough to publicly promulgate that belief.  Instead they lie to their constituents and claim to be pushing defunding Obamacare, albeit with a smarter strategy.  McConnell claims that the real fight will be when he becomes Majority Leader.  He says so even as he admits that “parts of the law are OK.”

It’s time we cut through the clutter of this debate and break it down to one central point.  Republicans will never have enough power to repeal Obamacare through the front door.  The dependency will be immutable long before the possibility that they will win back the Senate and the White House.

Even if Republicans run the table in 2014, they will not win control of the Senate until January 2015 – long after people will already become dependent on the law. Moreover, Obama will still be President.  By their own admission, establishment Republicans say they will never force the issue on the budget, opting only to repeal the law through the front door of the legislative process.  That will never happen.

Even if we win the presidency and retain the Senate, we would not enjoy that control until 2017!  Furthermore, they would not have 60 seats and would never have the guts to force the issue with a simple majority, especially after so many people are already dependent on the program.


If you are terrified of a shutdown and believe our plan won’t work, man up and say that Obamacare is here to stay.

Last night, Ted Cruz showed us all what it means to give voice to our concerns, instead of faking to vote with conservatives.  We will never have a voice in Washington so long as Mitch McConnell is leading the Senate.

It’s time to rally to Matt Bevin – a man who will stand shoulder to shoulder with Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.  There is no other race in the country that has the potential to completely change the face of the party.  There is no other opportunity to transform the party into one which fights for the Republic; one which honestly communicates with its supporters.

The schism within the party has become irreconcilable.  The great big lie over Obamacare has made this clear.  It’s time for conservatives to act.


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