The Invisible Hand Behind the Wall Strikes Again

There are two ways of dealing with Obamacare: you can either commit to voting down any budget bill that funds the monstrosity or you can use Mitch McConnell’s tower of red tape as a political human shield to cover up the effort to undermine defunding the law.


As Erick noted earlier today, there are 15 senators who have signed onto Mike Lee’s letter stating that they will oppose all budget bills unless Obamacare is defunded.  That is the only way we will ever disrupt the law before its implementation takes root and its dependency makes repeal impossible.

We knew all along that there were forces within the Senate bullying Mike Lee and threatening those who sign the letter.  I’m now hearing from multiple sources that John Cornyn, Mark Kirk, and Roger Wicker have taken their names of the letter.

John Cornyn is the number-two-ranking Republican.  He can only be intimidated by one man.

Put it this way, if the number one ranking Republican really supported the idea, or at least wasn’t vociferously opposed to it, there is no way this would happen.

Much like with the amnesty bill, the leader who supports the Obama agenda is not man enough to publicly back his views.  It’s the invisible hand behind the wall.


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