Spencer Bachus Needs More Time With Family

Imagine the Democrats reelecting a guy like this from one of their most liberal urban districts.

Spencer Bachus has always been a big government Republican.  He has supported all the financial bailouts.  He has also opposed efforts to rein in government intervention in public housing, at least until Fannie and Freddie became so unpopular.  He has been a reliable vote for wage controls during the past two decades.  Oh, he is an RSC member, but he has voted against almost every RSC budget.


In 2010, he was one of only 17 Republicans to vote for a massive 5-year expansion of child nutrition programs.  He has supported unconstitutional limits on campaign donation for his entire career.  What about market-distorting farm subsidies?  He’s the biggest supporter within the Republican Party.  He loves all subsidies, including those for Viagra.

Hey, but at least he’s good on things like illegal immigration.  What sort of pressures would a man from an R+28 district have to endure for an enforcement-first platform?

When the House voted to defund Obama’s illegal administrative amnesty program last month, only 6 Republicans opposed the effort.  One of then stuck out like a sore thumb – Spencer Bachus.  Not only does he hail from the home state of Jeff Sessions, he represents central Alabama, which is rated the fifth most conservative district by Charlie Cook.  During a recent hearing at the House Judiciary Committee about learning the mistakes of the 1986 amnesty, Bachus was the only member to praise the amnesty, noting that those illegals became a fabric of our society.  Yup, he would know coming from a district that is unaffected by the electoral quagmire engendered by that law.  Needless to say, he was the only Republican to vote against the effort to defund DACA in committee.


Really?  From central Alabama?

If we are suffice to continue electing liberals from the most conservative parts of the country, we should just call it quits.  #PrimaryHim

Cross-posted from Madison Project PAC


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