Corker-Hoeven: Schumer’s Wimp Brigade Rides to the Rescue

WIMP  (wmp)


A subatomic particle that has a large mass and interacts with other matter primarily through gravitation.

n. Informal.

1. a weak, ineffectual, timid person.


Representing a state like North Dakota and scoring a 47% from Heritage Action while working overtime to save Democrats and pass a dying amnesty bill


Imagine if Democrats elected senators from blue states in the northeast who worked behind closed doors with Ted Cruz to craft national right to work legislation or a compromise plan to privatize Social Security?  That’s about as likely as Lady Gaga joining the Family Research Council.

Yet, we continue to elect Republicans like John Hoeven who work behind the scenes to carry water for the progressives.  They gravitate to one-sided compromises that sell out our Republic like flies on ethanol.

By now, you’re probably asking, John who?

Yes, Hoeven has been awfully quiet since being coronated in 2010.  Aside for the occasional noise about the Keystone Pipeline, he doesn’t do much in the Senate…other than vote to raise the debt ceiling, fund Obamacare, implement an internet sales tax, support earmarks, increase food stamp spending, and vote for every subsidy under the sun.

Now he has taken it upon himself to serve as the less charismatic appendix to Bob Corker in saving Schumer’s dying amnesty bill.  After being outspent exponentially in this fight by the insidious open borders lobby, the truth that We the People have disseminated on this issue is taking its toll on Schumer and his allies.  Nobody in the House wants to touch this bill with a 10-foot pole, and the pathway to 60 votes is diminishing every day.

In come Corker and Hoeven to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and negotiate a poor-man’s Cornyn compromise with the Gang of 8.  In their ineluctable desire to pass an amnesty bill with the requisite window dressing, the new wimp coalition is pushing yet another phony compromise.  Yes, because constituents from states like Tennessee and North Dakota are flooding their offices with calls demanding “give us amnesty or give us death.”  According to Politico, this deal would be a watered-down version of Cornyn’s amendment, which Erick already exposed as pathetic:


The emerging deal would soften Republican requests for a strict requirement that 90 percent of illegal border crossers be apprehended to hit a “trigger” toward a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, but would provide an unprecedented increase in border security funding and officers and a guarantee on finishing the fence along the Southern border, sources said.

They also say they will double the border patrol.  But what good is more border agents if the administration ties their hands?  Most importantly, all the triggers in this plan will occur after legalization.  So somehow we are supposed to believe that they will actually implement these enforcement triggers after they already have their amnesty.   Needless to say, Schumer calls their work “really productive.”

Folks, at some point we need to start gaming out red state Senate races far in advance in pursuit of a real Republican instead of reflexively thinking about picking up the state with just any R.  It is that mentality – a lazy tendency to pick the first candidate with high name recognition months in advance – which has saddled us with a bunch of prairie progressives from the red states in the Great Plains.

This cycle we have opportunities to pick up seats in Nebraska and South Dakota (and maybe some other states nearby).  We can easily settle for the candidates with the highest name ID without lifting a finger to change the dynamic like we did in Texas with Ted Cruz.  We can easily support another progressive like Mike Rounds to run in South Dakota and have a John Hoeven  clone in the Senate; another man who interacts with Schumer-matter primarily through gravitation to Democrat deal making.  But what’s the purpose of electing a Republican who will use his party ID as leverage to allure fellow Republicans into the Schumer trap?


If these people can’t even stand strong on such a bedrock issue from a state where the people sympathize with our views, they can’t be trusted on anything.

It’s time to paint the Great Plains red.


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