A Ted Cruz Missile Strikes Dianne Feinstein

If Ted Cruz keeps this up in the Senate, Democrats might try to impose gun control on his Cruz missile strikes. Earlier today at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on guns, Ted Cruz directly challenges Dianne Feinstein to answer how her gun bans are constitutional if the same language protecting the right to bear arms (“the right of the people”) is used for the First and Fourth Amendments, which presumably, nobody would try to limit in the same way. Of course, she had no answer, except to act like a pugnacious school child.


It’s probably not a good idea for Senator Feinstein to argue with the man who represented the states in the Heller case on the ramifications of the decision. Yet, this is someone who believes that its the job of a senator to legislate, irrespective of the constitutionality of the law.

Indeed it is a new day in the Senate with Ted Cruz. And there are an awful lot of Democrats that are not happy with the paradigm shift.


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