Tell Senators to Vote No on Obama's Pork "Disaster Aid" Bill

After the divisive intro-movement battle in the House over taxes, here is a fight in the Senate we can all join in together.  Obama and Reid are using the disaster of Hurricane Sandy to push through a $60.4 billion package that is full of pork and special interest handouts.   Only $11.5 billion will go towards FEMA’s disaster relief fund.  CBO projects that 64% of the funds will not be spent until FY 2015.  The entire rationale of an emergency bill is that the aid money is desperately needed now.  The fact that much of the funds will not be spent for several years reveals this as a liberal stimulus bill.


Yet, they are deeming it an emergency so that the Senate does not have to find cuts to other programs to pay for this spending.

The following senators, many of whom would see their states receive some of the pork, are equivocating.  They need to hear from us.  Cloture will be held around 5 pm, and if Reid picks off 7 Republicans, this thing will pass and saddle the House with another problem.  The cost of this package is worth more than all the annual revenue from raising the marginal tax rates, dividends, and CapGains on those earning more than $250k.


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