The Future of Marriage Will be at Stake Next Week

The most important issue for conservatives on election night, aside for the individual elections, will be the question of gay marriage. Maryland, Minnesota, Maine, and Washington – all blue states – will be holding ballot referendums on gay marriage.  In three of those states, we will be playing defense.  If the ballot question passes, gay marriage will be recognized in those states.  In Minnesota, we will be playing offense by proposing a state constitutional ban on gay marriage.

Over the past decade, we have won 32 times – a 100% success rate whenever the issue was placed before the people.  However, after 6 years of indefatigable campaigning from the homosexual lobby and criminal insouciance from our side, we face an uphill battle in preserving marriage.  It’s especially rough that the landscape this year includes blue to very blue states.

Nonetheless, the polls are tightening up, and if past history is any indication, we always overperform the polls on this issue.  If you have any friends or relatives in these states, please advise them of the following information:

–          Maryland: The state passed gay marriage last year, but a successful petition drive has placed it as a referendum on the ballot.  It’s called Question 6.  We want a no vote.   A yes vote would uphold the gay marriage law.

–          Washington: Same story as Maryland.  The state legislature and governor signed a gay marriage law that is now before the voters as Referendum 74.  We want a no vote.

–          Minnesota: Vote Yes on Amendment 1. This is a constitutional amendment – “Recognition of Marriage Solely Between One Man and One Woman.”

–          Maine: Question 1 seeks to upend a 2009 ballot initiative that banned same-sex marriage –  Do you want to allow the State of Maine to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples? We want a no vote.

The important thing is that gay marriage has never passed muster with voters.  The few states that passed gay marriage did so at the behest of the courts or the politicians.  Once they win with the voters once, they will begin rolling back many of the state constitutional amendments we passed during last decade.

Conservatives must realize what we are up against.  There is a strong and vocal minority of people in this country that are in a race to the bottom to radically alter the fabric of our nation to reflect that of the most decedent society conceivable.  If we don’t combat them now, all the other issues will be irrelevant.  There is no way we can have a society that is demanding anything and everything that is sordid, yet one that is austere and conservative regarding dependency, welfare, and entitlements.  Fiscal conservatism and family values are indissoluble.

We can always recover from fiscal depression.  We will never recover from moral bankruptcy.



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