The 47%

One of the most portentous comments ever made by a candidate concerning his own campaign prospects was Romney’s off-the-record remark about Obama having an automatic 47% floor of support.  The media attack dogs lambasted him for his “out of touch” sentiments.  The reality is that Romney hit the nail on the head months before the pollsters would coalesce around that number.


Let’s confront an inconvenient reality: anyone who votes for Obama at this point is either inexorably dependent upon socialism or incorrigibly out of touch with American values.  It’s not just the economy.  Obama’s egregious disregard for the situation in Libya – one that he created in the first place – and the insidious cover-up of the attack that is continuing to this day, should be sufficient reason to dissuade any judicious voter from supporting him.  Yet, despite Romney’s surge and likely win next week, Obama is still garnering exactly ……47% of the vote.

Yesterday’s Pew national poll had Obama at 47%.

Today’s NPR/Democracy Corp. poll (Democrat) has Obama at 47%.

Rasmussen has had Obama at 47% for over a week.

GW/ Battleground is predicting a 52-47% win for Romney.

Even in blue states like Minnesota and Oregon, Obama is now at…. 47%.

It’s becoming clear that any and every American who yearns for freedom is jumping ship from the Obama wreckage.  Even among the polls that are more favorable to Obama, Romney is leading by double-digits with Independents.  George Bush actually lost Independents by 1 point in 2004.  Sadly, there are about 47% who are obdurately stuck on stupid.  That might be insufficient for a permanent Democrat majority at this point, but we must begin weaning people off government dependency beginning in 2013, lest the 47% grow to a permanent and enduring majority.



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