Indeed There is a War on Women

Let’s confront an inconvenient truth.  There is a war on women being waged in this country – one that cuts to the core of the ethos war that is being directed at our founding values.  And that war on women is being prosecuted by none other than Barack Obama’s party of Sandra Fluke.

Leftists have always been masters of projection – decrying the deeds of their political opponents when, in fact, it is they who perpetrate those dastardly deeds.  Hence, when they speak of a war on women, it is they who have assailed the very essence of womanhood for decades.  And they’re attacks have gotten uglier.

When Democrats speak of a war on women, presumably, such an alleged assault must be directed at what defines a women and what distinguishes her from a man.  By that measure, it is the forces of the modern left, and only those forces, that seek to deracinate the beauty of femininity and womanhood.

For decades now, the intellectual ambassadors of liberalism – Hollywood, media, and academia – have sought to destroy the uniqueness of women in one of two ways.  First, they seek to jettison any difference between the genders, most notably, by encouraging women to act like men.  They relentlessly promote women in gender-bender activities in an effort to make women indistinguishable from men.  Yet, at the same time, they hypocritically shed the super-woman image by demanding special standards, “protections” and legislation for women.

To the extent that liberals still recognize the femininity of women, they do so in the most vulgar ways so as to diminish the respect and honor of womanhood.  Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats are singlehandedly bankrolled by the Hollywood figures who earn every penny of that money from objectifying women.  They do nothing but turn women into sex symbols, and that vile image is clearly affecting this generation of woman and girls.  Barack Obama, who is regarded as a good father of his two girls, has never once shied away from soliciting campaign help from those who are responsible for the objectification of women.  Nope.  Barack Hussein Kardashian Obama has never reproached his licentious money-bundlers for exposing his daughters to nothing but a self-deprecating image of womanhood.

At present, when they are not morphing women into men or objectifying them, they believe that the only important things to women are free contraception and abortion.  So when conservative men think of womanhood, they conjure up an image of grace, class, and motherhood, in conjunction with most other accomplishments – personal or professional – that are pursued by men.  When liberal men think of womanhood, they conjure up an image of sex, free contraception, and abortion.

Accordingly, it comes as no surprise that Bill Clinton, a man who sees only one thing in women, will be the star of the DNC this year – an event geared towards woman.

There is no bigger attack on women than the perversion of their very uniqueness as the fairer sex.  No amount of federally mandated “equal pay” laws or subsidized contraception and abortions will obscure what the liberals in this country have done to the women of this generation.

Then again, you can’t expect any better from a party that removes any mention of God from its platform.

Cross-posted from The Madison Project



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