Congressman Schweikert Takes a Stand Against Obama’s Illegal Amnesty

We often hear pro-abortion activists caution conservative judicial nominees that they must follow the decision of Roe v Wade, irrespective of their personal views on abortion.  Yet we never hear these same activists warn Democrats to follow laws they personally disdain.


Roe v Wade was merely a Supreme Court decision; our immigration laws were duly passed by Congress.  Even those who embrace open borders and illegal chain migration should be concerned with Obama’s use of administrative amnesty.  Obama has decided that he will not follow our immigration laws with regards to people who would be eligible for the DREAM Act amnesty, a law that never passed Congress.  If a president can disregard a law under the guise of “executive discretion,” what are the limits to presidential power?

Could a Republican president declare that absent congressional action on Social Security reform, he will direct the treasury to stop withholding payroll taxes of those Americans who would qualify for private accounts?  Could a president tell the IRS to stop collecting estate taxes because there are bills in Congress that would repeal it?

One man has stepped forward to put an end to Obama’s kingdom.  Congressman David Schweikert (R-AZ) has introduced a bill, H.R. 5957, which would block the Secretary of Homeland Security from deferring deportations or from limiting the enforcement of our immigration laws.


Speaking on the urgency to rein in this rouge president, Schweikert said that he hopes leadership works “to combat this disregard for the Constitution that President Obama has shown.”  “We have seen a pattern with this president; whenever he wants something, he bypasses the legislative process. Whether it’s our bill or another bill that halts this amnesty order, something needs to be done immediately,” said Schweikert.

Please call your representatives and tell them to reassert their control over the lawmaking process and cosponsor H.R. 5957.


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