Senate Confirms Radical Aponte as Ambassador to El Salvador

It’s another day in the Senate, and another radical Obama nominee is confirmed.

Last August, flustered by Jim DeMint’s Senate hold, Obama used a recess appointment to name Maria del Carmen Aponte ambassador to El Salvador.  She was originally selected as ambassador to the Domincan Republic during the Clinton administration, but she withdrew her name after refusing to take a polygraph test concerning her relationship with Cuban spy, Roberto Tamayo.  Nonetheless, radical rejects of the Clinton administration are the very people whom Obama loves to recycle.


Aponte’s recess appointment expired at the end of the year, but almost every Republican (except for Brown and Collins) united to oppose cloture on her nomination.  Aside for the national security concerns, Republicans were concerned that Aponte would promote her radical social agenda in a country where we are trying to develop a close relationship.  A while back, Aponte published an opinion piece that called into question the religious and pro-family culture of Salvadorans.

Yesterday, the media reported that Harry Reid would try to bring up cloture on the Aponte nomination once again.  I didn’t think much of it at the time.  After all, why would Republicans drop their objections?  Well, evidently 9 Republicans felt it was time to give up.  Cloture was invoked earlier today, followed by confirmation via voice vote.


What changed?  Marco Rubio lent his support to Aponte in the last minute.  I guess it’s not just immigration.

Here are the Republican yay votes:











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