Mark Meadows for Congress in NC-11

Editor’s note: This is the next endorsement on behalf of The Madison Project PAC in a continuing series of conservative endorsements for the 2012 congressional elections.


Earlier this year, Heath Schuler decided that masquerading as a conservative Democrat in the era of Obama and Pelosi had become too cumbersome, and summarily announced his retirement.  This western North Carolina district has become even more Republican after redistricting, providing us with an easy pickup opportunity.  This is the sort of seat that we can easily fill with a conservative without having to battle an incumbent Republican.  Our choice is Mark Meadows.

A strong comprehensive conservative, Mark was described to us by someone who knows this race as “tea party inside the Republican Party years before the tea party existed.” That’s a strong endorsement of someone who has fought for principle inside a party structure, one of the hardest things to do.  For many years, we have stressed the importance of conservative involvement in the precinct and county levels of the Republican Party.  Mark Meadows served as a textbook example of how to get it done.  He started off attending precinct meetings in a small county, easily becoming chairman after bringing in a few likeminded friends.  Eventually he was able to become county chairman and help push the state party platform to the right, even though he was from an obscure part of the state.

Mark is an outspoken supporter of life and marriage who is opposed to TARP and government bailouts. A successful businessman, Mark’s story is the quintessential American one as he started a restaurant with a small line of credit and made it a success, building on that success in the following years.  As such, he understands that a true free-market society must work unencumbered by government mandates, but also without government subsidies.  He is also committed to restoring power to state and local governments on issues such as transportation and infrastructure.  We need more small businessmen and women who understand what it takes to make businesses successful; who have dealt with the onerous burdens of an overreaching government and all the burdens this presents entrepreneurs in our country today.


On top of Mark’s solid understanding of the free market, he is also intrepid on social issues.  In an election when most candidates are shying away from social issues, Meadows is not ashamed to run as an unabashed social conservative.  While many Republicans have retreated in the face of the left’s auspicious assault on our traditional values, Mark wants to go to Washington and ensure that our party is standing firm.  As a leader in North Carolina’s effort to preserve marriage, Meadows wants to fight in Congress for a legislative solution to Obama’s assault on DOMA.

The primary will be held on May 8 and early voting begins April 19.  Although Meadows appears to be ahead at the moment, he must win 40% in this crowded field to avoid a runoff.  Let’s help him seal the deal and avoid a runoff.

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