David McIntosh for Congress in IN-5

Editor’s note: Here is the latest endorsement from The Madison Project

It’s not too often that we have the opportunity to elect a conservative fighter who retired early from Congress and is seeking a second run.  But with Dan Burton’s retirement in Indiana’s 5th district, we have the prospect to elect a battle-tested fighter in former Congressman David McIntosh.

David McIntosh was elected to Congress as part of the Republican Revolution in 1994.  Unlike many of his colleagues, McIntosh never abandoned his commitment to fighting for limited government.  Nor was he just a bench-warmer.  After just a few years in the House, David was recognized as a full spectrum conservative leader, and in 1998, he became chairman of the Republican Study Committee.  When Gingrich butted heads with conservatives at the RSC, McIntosh helped lead the coup against him.  In 2000, McIntosh retired early to run for governor in Indiana, a race he unfortunately lost.

Ideally, we like to seek out fresh blood to fill the ranks of conservatives in the House.  However, there is nothing better than a former member who served through similar circumstances and has shown himself to be a steadfast and consistent conservative leader.  There will be no doubt as to how McIntosh will vote and with whom he will work.  He was not cowed by Gingrich’s heavy-handed leadership; he certainly will not be cowed by today’s House leadership.

McIntosh is also a co-founder of the Federalist Society and has a deep knowledge of the Constitution.  Since leaving office, he has led the fight against liberal judicial nominees who seek to supplant the Constitution.  He is a policy wonk who can articulate conservative ideas from a position of strength.

After a year of growing disappointment with the new Republican revolution, McIntosh feels a calling to reenter Congress and beef up the ranks of the minority within the majority.  From our perspective, we have seen too many newly-elected Republicans who have failed to remain faithful to their campaign pledges, even in this era of the Tea Party and dedicated conservative pressure groups.  It is apropos to elect more members who have proven themselves during a time when limited government wasn’t as popular.  The Madison Project is proud to support David McIntosh to serve this Indiana district, which spans from the northern suburbs of Indianapolis to Marion.  Let’s help send a proven fighter to Congress.

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