Obama's Un-American Nuclear Weapons Policy

Every once and a while I have to hit myself over the head and remember that whomever receives the Republican nomination – vices and all – must be supported over Obama.  Even though a Republican-controlled Congress can stop much of Obama’s domestic policy agenda (although they tend to cave), the president has wide latitude to act unilaterally on foreign policy.  His foreign policy is naive, dangerous, and downright un-American.  It’s even worse than his domestic policy.  Consequently, whenever we become disillusioned with the current crop of GOP candidates, we must remember Obama’s policies on defense and national security.


Yesterday, we heard the news that Obama would like to reduce our tactical nuclear weapons arsenal from 5,000 warheads to just a few hundred.  This would decrease our nuclear arsenal to a level smaller than that of China.  The news percolated into the media during the visit of China’s Vice President Xi Jinping.  What sort of message does that send to our chief conventional strategic threat in the world?  The sad thing is that Obama mistakenly believes that nuclear weapons are just as dangerous in the hands of Americans as they are in the hands of China, Russia, or even Iran.

Today, we discover even worse news on the nuclear weapons front.

In 2010, Obama convinced the Senate to ratify the New START Treaty with Russia, an agreement that ostensibly committed us to unilaterally disarm and cut our nuclear weapons arsenal.  In order to win the 67 requisite votes, Obama swindled several credulous Republicans into voting for the treaty on condition that he would commit to investing more than $4 billion into modernizing our nuclear weapons and facilities.  Well, it turns out that Obama lied.  This, from CQ:

Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona, who negotiated with the administration to secure more than $4 billion in nuclear forces, and weapons and facilities modernization over five years, said Thursday that plans to reduce spending over the next 10 years effectively eliminate the funding President Obama promised to use for modernization.

“What the budget does is throw away all that work,” said Kyl, who ultimately voted against ratification of the treaty despite the funding deal with the White House.

Kyl suggested that Republicans would fight to add back the $372 million taken from nuclear modernization in the fiscal 2013 defense budget request.


As Tripp Baird of Heritage Action notes, Kyl’s negotiation with Obama regarding weapons modernization helped secure the support of Republicans like Lamar Alexander.  While Kyl personally voted against ratification of START, 13 Republicans supported it, granting Obama more than enough votes to ratify the treaty.

If for no other reason than the nuclear weapons issue, we must get Obama out of the White House.  Oh, and it would help if we elect Republicans to the Senate who won’t get suckered into supporting the next suicidal treaty in case Obama does remain in office.

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