Democrat Congressmen in Love with Hamas Love Boat

The western organizations that agitate for Hamas are preparing for the next Flotilla circus, in which they plan to breach Israel’s blockade of Hamasistan (aka Gaza).  This 15-ship fleet includes a vessel that will carry 36 American leftists.  The ship is appropriately named The Audacity of Hope, as a tribute to the most pro-Palestinian leader of the free world.  No, they are not bringing hope and change to the region; they are bringing deadly chemicals to throw on the Israeli soldiers who will inevitably board the ship.  Now, six Democrats are asking the State Department to protect the American leftists while they offer aid and comfort to our enemies.  This from the Jerusalem Post:


The six members of Congress to sign the letter regarding the American presence are Ohio Representative Dennis Kucinich, Missouri Representative William Lacy Clay, California Representatives Sam Farr, Bob Filner and Barbara Lee, and District of Columbia Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton. Kucinich initiated the letter.

“We request that you do everything in your power to work with the Israeli government to ensure the safety of the US citizens on board,” the letter reads, saying that the signatories “urge all parties to practice maximum restraint and avoid violence.”

Yes, we all remember the absence of violence from last years’ flotilla.

The irony about the disquiet directed toward the Israeli blockade is that there is no longer a need to challenge the blockade. There essentially is no blockade ever since the Egyptian provisional government, the wonderful product of the cherished Arab Spring, promised to open the Rafah border crossing at the Egyptian border with Gaza.  Yes, it wasn’t only the Israelis who didn’t want the Hamas lunatics running amok in their country; Egypt didn’t want them either – at least not until they threw out our ally, Mubarak.

One would think that members of Congress have better things to do than collaborate with Hamas supporters.  Then again, the deepest, darkest corners of the Democrat caucus have always harbored that constituency.  Seven Democrats sit on the board of one of the flotilla supporters; Progressive Democrats of America.   Last week, one of the members, extremist Rep. Lynn Woolsey, who will thankfully retire next year, was caught on tape chanting dorky anti-Israel slogans at a Code Pink rally.  Toward the end of this video, Woolsey heaps praises upon the Code Pink activist who disrupted Israeli PM Netanyahu’s speech before a joint meeting of Congress.


(HT The Blaze)
It’s just a shame that these Congresscritters won’t be on the ship when all the action takes place.


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