VIDEO: Meet Darin Selnick Running for Oceanside, California City Council

Darin Selnick hopes to bring his experience to serve the needs of Oceanside, California. Photo supplied by the campaign.
Every town in America faces unique challenges when it comes to the public service issues it faces. Darin Selnick hopes to bring his experience in the military and in working with veterans to the city of Oceanside, which sits at the very northern edge of San Diego County. This picturesque surfing town is situated next to the US Marine Corps base Camp Pendleton, and is home to an amalgam of residents from surfers to military retirees.


Like most California cities, Oceanside faces urban planning challenges, including homelessness, housing unit shortages, and public safety; the latter has a lot to do with attracting, retaining, and optimizing the use of law enforcement–in a town whose culture very much supports its police.

In this interview, Darin explains his position and approach to these issues. He also takes the time to discuss his views on how he hopes to improve the quality of life for all residents of Oceanside, with a laundry list of ideas, and plans on the responsiveness of local government to its citizens.

In addition to his current run for city council, Darin has had a long involvement in veterans affairs. He serves as a senior advisor to the Concerned Veterans for America. You can read his bio about his past veterans activities here,

Darin’s campaign website is


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