California Recall Election Ballots Begin to Arrive

California Recall Election Ballots Begin to Arrive
California ballots begin to arrive in the mail (Credit: Dennis Santiago)

For those of us who still call La La Land home, our mailboxes have begun receiving the September 14, 2021, California Gubernatorial Recall Election ballots. Some things to note…

At least in Los Angeles County, 100% of registered voters are being sent a vote by mail ballot for this election.

The ballot contains two questions.

Question one is a YES or NO that simply asks if Governor Gavin Newsom should be removed from office.

Question two is the hard one.  If you vote YES, you must choose only one from a list of forty-six candidates to replace him.

The major campaign issue on this ballot is the dissatisfaction of Californians with the leadership in Sacramento over many issues that have evolved as a result of the Democrat supermajority. Everyone in the state has some sort of bone to pick and there’s no one to blame except the current regime.

Given the almost permanent fiefdom-like lock that gerrymandering has affixed at the Assembly and State Senate levels of government, the easiest way for Californians to disrupt the status quo is to replace the governor and put the entire balance of the empire back into play.

This is something that Californians have done in the past and it’s not out of the question that we people from the Golden State will do it again.

For the rest of America who won’t be receiving love letters, here’s the list.

“The California recall ballot’s two questions” (Credit: Dennis Santiago)

What I find particularly interesting about the ballot is looking at it from the “six degrees of separation” angle.  Everyone in California will know at least a couple of the people on this ballot by reputation. Also, there’s a better than 50/50 chance each of us will know at least one of these people personally.

It’s a total gunfight; an exercise in random democracy. If enough people say YES to question 1, it’s a roll of the dice who will emerge on September 15. One of those anything-is-better-than-this-nonsense events.

Refining the odds, I would say that the Democrats on this list of forty-six are disadvantaged because, if the intent of Californians is to disrupt Sacramento’s power structure, allowing the supermajority of the offending party to remain in place does not align with their recall desires.

That still gives everyone else a one out of thirty-seven chance to win the Lotto.

How exciting!

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