The Real Car Analogy

From the diaries by Erick.

For a guy who hasn’t driven a car in years, the President sure has them on his mind. First he took over a few car companies and yet didn’t even partake in the pleasure of taking the latest models out for a spin. Now his favorite populist rallying cry on the campaign trail is that the GOP drove the car, otherwise known as America, into the ditch and thus Republicans should sit in the backseat while he drives us out.


If only that were the truth.

Here’s the real car analogy as the public sees it: Both parties drove us into the ditch and voters are calling for the Republicans to sit in the instructor’s seat to the put the brakes on a President whose driving like a teenager on a newly-issued permit.

The dramatic bi-partisan expansion of government into the private sector over the last few decades put us into the ditch, resulting in an unsustainable $14 trillion debt and a steady closing, outsourcing, and deterrence of American businesses and jobs. However, President Obama is accelerating us into the ground faster than any of his predecessors with failed Keynesian-style government boondoggles and imposing tremendous uncertainty upon the economy with ObamaCare and the serious threat of cap and trade, card check, etc.

Thankfully the public realizes this reality and rejects the President and his policies. In a poll this week by respected Democratic pollsters Doug Schoen and Mark Penn, only 38% believe Obama deserves election and former President George Bush would beat him by 5 points in a hypothetical matchup.

Voters clearly don’t want the GOP in the back of the car, but rather the front as they are readying to vote in a Republican Congress for two main reasons. First, the current majority simply isn’t getting the job done, so hey let’s give the other guys a try. Second, this is a Republican Party has fought against every one the President’s misguided policy prescriptions tooth and nail, giving voters confidence that they will continue to do so in a divided government.


Just because voters want the GOP in the front doesn’t mean President Obama should be relegated to the back. It was rude for Obama to suggest the GOP should be and the same would be true for the reverse.

The President, as the leader of our republic, belongs in the driver’s seat. Americans are just calling for the GOP to sit in the instructor’s seat so that they put on the brakes when necessary and hopefully show Obama the path out of the ditch.

Alex Cortes in the Chairman of DeFundIt.Org, an organization advocating for the de-funding of ObamaCare


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