ObamaCare eats Kentucky

Humana actuary Nick Mueller today confirmed the Kentucky Department of Insurance has approved ObamaCare health premiums very close to the eighty percent increase he requested in June.


Internal Department of Insurance documents received today from Lori Brown at the Department contain final, approved premium information for Humana, Anthem and Kentucky Health Cooperative, the only three companies who applied to participate in the Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange. Anthem and the Kentucky Health Cooperative got exactly what rates they applied for, while Humana received a cut of less than one percent from their initial proposed increase.

Humana’s rates appear to be the cheapest across the board of all three companies.

This information was acquired through an open records request served on the Department of Insurance last Friday, despite their receipt three years ago of a federal grant to improve transparency and to specifically make rate information available without the necessity of an open records request.

Other reporters who have gone to the Department seeking this information today have been told that it is not available. Kentucky Progress will fix that on Monday.

The Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange is a state entity created by Gov. Beshear under a temporary state government reorganization Executive Order in 2012. It’s creation was not ratified by the 2013 General Assembly, which is required by KRS 12.028. Its continued operation is currently being challenged in state courts.



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