From House Arrest to Chemical Castration And Beyond

In just two months, governments around the world have seen it within their power to place its citizens under virtual house arrest.  In some places, given all the extra time since you have no job to go to, you cannot even buy some cucumber seeds to plant in your backyard just in case the cucumber supply chain is broken.  We’ve seen the images of city workers using bulldozers to fill sand in skate parks in some California towns.  The British police have swooped in and broken up family picnics.  Some states even called out their state police to track down people with out-of-state license plates.  And the list can go on and on of some of the silliness done in the name of “flattening the curve.”  Unfortunately, no one really figured out how you disentangle from the mess you created once you have flattened the curve.  Instead, fear has overtaken the population and fear opens up opportunities for some of the crazier ideas.


While it is true we did not know much about the virus, some of its characteristics have baffled the medical research community.  We do know that it seems to affect men more than women.  Enter the New York Times who ran this interesting headline: “Can Estrogen and Other Sex Hormones Help Men Survive Covid-19?”  Put another way, pumping men full of estrogen could be a cure.  I’ll give the paper a minimal pass here since they are reporting on one possible avenue of treatment, but upon reflection, they lose that vote since they never once question the idea of chemically castrating half the population to stop a virus.  In fact, the article states that men will get used to “the tenderness in their breasts and the hot flashes.”  This may be an outlier in terms of craziness and likely excites the radical feminist readers of the New York Times, but there are other ideas out there.

Using once again the New York Times which appears to be the designated fear inducing agent of the Left, John Tyson of Tyson Foods wrote a full-page letter stating the “food supply chain is breaking” and that outbreaks at its plants means “millions of pounds of meat will disappear from the supply chain.”  Of course, with less meat that means higher prices which is unfortunate given the unemployment (that is, paychecks) numbers.  Some USDA regulations can be relaxed since they basically guarantee that livestock are slaughtered only in facilities that can afford to comply with their regulations.


There is another option, according to some on the Left.  Popular Science recently ran an enlightening article and “how to” guide on eating insects.  Who knew ants were “tangy?”  The article also said we all just have to get over our fear of serving up a healthy scorpion stew.  Back in 2019, CNN declared that bugs are the food of the future while others declared that insects will replace meat sometime after the year 2050.  Apparently, 2050 has arrived 30 years sooner than expected.  These articles have one thing in common: we Westerners have to get over our hang-ups about eating things we would prefer to use a can of Raid on, or squash under a shoe.  We have to be broken before we all enjoy a good millipede soup.  Their reasoning is obvious: red meat symbolizes the masculine patriarchy of the West while a cricket sandwich makes us all equals.

Some decrepit looking reporter for the Guardian has proclaimed that the virus has “exposed the myth of the nuclear family…” and that’s a good thing.  The even odder looking Suzanne Moore, writing for the same liberal rag, said we have to disband the nuclear family for good.  Jumping on the bandwagon, Ian Corbin chimed in at the Washington Post and said disbanding the nuclear family in the face of the Wuhan flu is inevitable and a good thing.

The nuclear family, like a good sizzling slab of red meat, has been the perpetual enemy of the Left.  It is just too Western and too patriarchal for the lesbian commisars who write articles for the Guardian, feminist bloggers, and emasculated people named “Ian.”  This mindset has always been around, but who thought a virus would give them confidence to push these ideas into the mainstream?


MarketWatch ran article asserting that single-family dwellings (the place where nuclear families live) are “racist” and destroying the environment.  A Harvard professor determined that homeschooling is not only “authoritarian,” but it perpetuates “white supremacy.”  Politico has an article on this brave new world where a group of assembled “macro thinkers’ (whatever the hell they are) hypothesized that individualism is a relic of the past as a new age where “science reigns again” is being ushered in by a tiny piece of RNA.

The Wuhan virus is Christmas for the Left.  This has become a great opportunity to purge Western culture of its vitalism, individualism, and danger from the human spirit.  It has created a great opportunity to domesticate us in their image.  Unfortunately, they are the last people who would inject themselves with estrogen, eat a bowl of creepy-crawlers, or give up their single family home.  Sane people have to stand up to these people and announce they will proudly eat their Big Mac, feed their kids their Happy Meal cheeseburger (with fries, no apple slices), even if it is in their single-family suburban home around the nuclear family dinner table.  And maybe, they will even put their testosterone to use after the kids are safely tucked into bed and asleep.

And in the morning, since there is no job to go to, they will spread some insecticide around the base of their single family home before they plant their cucumber seeds obtained on the black market.



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