Ten Progressives You Probably Never Heard Of, But Should Know

Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY., right, and her chief of staff Saikat Chakrabarti, left, walk back together after joining other members of the freshman class of Congress for a group photo on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2018. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)


The following are 10 movers and shakers in the progressive/liberal/socialist realm of American politics that most people do not know about.  Make no mistake, their efforts are all over politics these days and the #Resistance.

Saikat Chakrabarti

Readers here may have heard this name before.  He is the former chief-of-staff to New York moonbat AOC who has since resigned.  Although he drew the ire of Nancy Pelosi over a series of controversial tweets, it is likely that an investigation into campaign finance violations caused AOC to cut ties with him… sort of.  As everyone knows, the New Green Deal is her pet project.  He went on to work for New Consensus, a sort-of environmentalist group that envisions “a beautiful pollution-free world without poverty.”

Rhanna Epting

In October 2019, this darling of the Left assumed the leadership of MoveOn.org.  Both black and Iranian, she checks two of the Left’s key demographic boxes.  Upon assuming leadership, she said her first order of business is defeating Trump, winning a Democrat majority in the Senate and getting more progressive House members.  Also, she intends to tackle white nationalism, conservative manipulation of social media, and GOP-led voter suppression efforts.  These are pretty tall aspirations for someone who got her job because she is black and Iranian.


Adam Green

Green is the co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee.  They got their start in 2009 and have not looked back.  His aim and that of the organization is to recruit and train candidates at the federal level in an effort to move the Democrats even further Left.  He has stressed effective use of the Internet by these candidates to avoid consultant fees and assists in recruiting good campaign managers and staffers.

Huck Gutman

The former Sanders chief-of-staff, he is a member of a group called Our Revolution.  By forming alliances with other Leftist groups, Gutman hopes to “transform America” into a socialist hell hole.  When you hear about income inequality, chances are Gutman is behind the message.  His organization endorsed Keith Ellison to be head of the DNC.  He also has very close ties to ActBlue which secures donations for the most progressive candidates.

Kyle Kulinski

A co-founder of the Justice Democrats, Kulinski now dedicates most of his time to “Secular Talk” on YouTube.  The show covers politics, news, current events, pop culture, economics, science, philosophy and religion from a “libertarian-left; populist; social democratic; agnostic-atheist perspective.”  Started in 2008, by 2017 the show had over 500,000 subscribers.  He resigned in solidarity with Cenk Uygur when he left the Justice Democrats and had been a vocal supporter of Uygur’s controversial statements.


Ezra Levin

It started as an online guide to resist the administration of Trump even before his Inauguration turned into a movement- #TheResistance.  Behind that guide that caught the imagination of Hollywood (George Takei) and political (Robert Reich) has-beens is Ezra Levin.  Unlike some others on this list whose goal is to field progressive candidates, Levin’s claim to fame is opposition to Trump solely.  To summarize, Levin has stated that whatever the Trump proposal, #TheResistance will oppose it.

Angel Padilla

Want to know why progressives support open borders and illegal immigration?  Look no further than Angel Padilla who co-authored that Resistance guide put out by Levin.  Padilla is the former immigration policy guru at the National Council of La Raza.  He was also a close adviser to Luis Gutierrez.  Using his ties with the Hispanic community, Padilla has spread falsehoods about the Trump agenda in all areas.  His main thrust right now appears to be securing federal health benefits for illegal immigrants.

Katherine Ragsdale

Ragsdale is a lesbian Episcopal priest from Massachusetts and head of the National Abortion Federation.  In 2008, she described abortion as a “blessing” from God.  By 2019, she was denying the humanity of an unborn baby with this comment:


’One inch from life,’ they say while showing a picture of a Gerber baby.  Apart from ‘one inch from life’ being a lie, the Gerber baby image is a lie. And actually, using the word ‘baby’ is a manipulative lie.

Later, she and the NAF launched a pre-paid gas credit card program to assist women who had to travel to obtain an abortion.  Not one to shy away from controversy, she described abortion providers as “personal heroes” and “modern-day saints.”  She also sits on the Board of NARAL.

Joel Rogers

Glenn Beck once described him as “the man behind Obama.”  Rogers has his fingerprint on a host of Leftist organizations and was a founder of the New Party which transformed into the Working Families Party.  A snake of activists, he has advocated putting progressives in lower levels of government to thwart a conservative agenda (can you say Deep State?).  And although AOC rolled out the Green New Deal, that drivel was actually proposed by the Apollo Alliance, a group Rogers founded which envisioned a new green economy.  Much of that was incorporated into AOC’s Green New Deal.  If you want to talk about the danger of farting cows, look no further than Joel Rogers.

Julia Salazar

Julia Salazar is to the New York state senate what AOC is to the federal House of Representatives complete with a mirror agenda and propensity for telling lies.  The self-described Marxist from a conservative Colombian family, she talks like AOC finding rights nowhere to be found elsewhere.  After converting to Judaism, she helped formed a Columbia University chapter of J Street, although she never managed to graduate from the school.  If there was a Leftist wet dream agenda to adopt, Salazar jumped on it and challenged a 16-year incumbent Democrat, defeated him in the primary, then ran essentially unopposed for a state senate seat.  Sound eerily similar to AOC?  It should because they had the same supporters and donor base.





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