The Musings of a Certified Cue Ball

Last week, Ayanna Pressley- the Congresscritter from Massachusetts and member of the Squad- took to the floor of the House and discarded the Somali-weave hair-do in favor of a bald head making people the world over to wonder whether it was really a Somali-weave, or just a wig.  But, I digress…


The point of her speech was to argue for the extension of time to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, a relic of the militant feminist wave, part 1 of the 1970s.  To recap, Virginia sent out a huge virtue signal and became the 38th state to ratify the Constitutional amendment.  The only problem for the Democrat-controlled Virginia legislature is that the deadline for ratification expired about two decades ago.  Leftist NPR claimed that the ratification puts the issue on contested legal ground.  Um… no, it does not.  The deadline expired in the 1980s.  Everything after that is simply virtue signaling and certainly not “legal.”  To wit, there is no ERA being attached to the Constitution.  Leaving aside the asinine argument that because the deadline is in the preamble, the deadline therefore has no legal effect (if that is true, then the prefatory clause of the 2nd Amendment is likewise not legally binding), it is a dead issue.

That did not stop the cue ball from Boston from expending her minute of fame arguing on the floor of the House that the deadline should be extended long after the fact.  Pressley said, in pertinent parts:

The American Constitution is sexist by its very design…This country’s laws have historically treated us like second-class citizens, depriving us of the right to vote, enter most jobs, and to own property… The year is 2020 and here we women are still in so many ways not fully free, still shackled…


Apparently the oppression is far-reaching.  According to Pressley, there is a gender wage gap, discrimination against pregnancy (rich coming from a pro-choice Democrat) and discrimination in the legal system, although the number of male prisoners incarcerated far exceeds the number of female incarcerations.  As for that wage gap, that has pretty much been refuted at almost every turn.  Today, there are more females in college than males.  If a woman decides to enjoy a career in Grievance Studies rather than, say…medicine or engineering, that is on her.  After all, Democrats are big on choice and the woman made a choice to pursue a lower-paying occupation.  However, without belaboring the point, studies have shown that when holding everything constant, the alleged wage gap that people like Pressley assert of about 71 cents for every male dollar shrinks considerably to about 97 cents for every male dollar.  Maybe not equal, but pretty damn close and certainly not a “wage gap.”

The voting rights of women were excluded in the Constitution, but that changed with a Constitutional amendment making it legal nationally.  Regardless, Wyoming- yes! that Wyoming- was one of the first states that allowed women to vote long before the 19th Amendment was ratified.  However, no federal Constitutional provision ever prevented a woman from owning property or entering any job.

Perhaps there was a time when sexism was a pervasive problem in the country, but that is hardly the case in 2020.  In fact, women now occupy virtually every job position from farm laborer to a member of Congress from Massachusetts.  It was all achieved without an Equal Rights Amendment.


Pressley was not even original in her speech.  She has used the second-class rhetoric before in House hearings and on the floor of the House.  In a House Oversight Committee in May, 2019, she trotted out the oppressed, “second-class citizen” line in another area:

Despite the progress we have made as a country, black Americans are still treated as second-class citizens, disproportionately targeted for: driving while black, walking while black, lunching while black, organizing while being black, literally existing while black…

Methinks Pressley be “lunching.”  Yep- a black female member of Congress railing about blacks and females being treated as second-class citizens is galling and stupid.  Then again this is the same black woman who has accused ICE of being a “cog” in the oppression of people of color, who wants to withdraw funding for ICE and shut them down, and who refused to condemn an Antifa thug for attacking an ICE facility in Washington.

Until this point, Pressley has been the least obnoxious and quiet of The Squad, instead letting Ilhan “I Really Love My Brother So Much I Married Him” Omar, Rashida “My Lips Are Stuck to the Wall” Tlaib, and Alexandria “The Second Wisest Latina From the Bronx” Ocasio-Cortez hog the spotlight.  Maybe she felt slighted by the lack of media coverage, or maybe the cold Boston air affected her newly minted bald head.


This is what passes for leadership in the Democrat-controlled House.  No wonder Nancy Pelosi runs to the gin bottle before a presser having to deal with this collection of knuckle-walkers.  But no doubt, San Fran Nan, being a member of the sisterhood, applauded the musings of Queen Cue Ball.  Or the perhaps the applause was accidental, or a product of delirium tremors or something.  It is hard to tell these days when it comes to Pelosi- a/k/a The Human Paper Shredder.

Lindsey Graham (R-SC) once described the Squad members as a “bunch of communists” who “hate our own country.”  Truer words could not have been spoken.  Regardless, this writer welcomes their presence since they illustrate Democrats and Leftists (but I repeat myself) as they truly are: a gaggle of US-hating communists.


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