The Political Ramifications of the Impeachment Votes

Senator Thom Tillis rips up two articles of impeachment against President Trump following Trump’s acquittal in the Senate on Wednesday.

Now that the sordid display by Democrats in their zeal to impeach and remove President Trump has failed- notwithstanding the tingles up the legs of people like Jennifer Rubin and her newfound love of all things Adam Schiff- the votes are in and tabulated.  Other than Mitt Romney who just could not help himself with another hollow display of virtue, no Republican voted for either article of impeachment.  Heck- even Romney voted not to convict on the second article of impeachment.  But, every Democrat voted for conviction on both articles including the specious “obstruction” charge.


Although they knew this was going nowhere, after a long delay, Shredder Pelosi sent the articles to the Senate after trying to leverage Mitch McConnell who deftly held off the representative from San Franfecesco.  Perhaps the tingling of Rubin’s lags somehow projected into every Democrat and they too were enamored with the great oratory of Adam Schiff and became convinced of Trump’s guilt, or more likely, they are the most stupid group of 47 people (plus Romney) ever assembled in one Senate.

So what does it all mean for 2020?  Given the craziness of the field of Democrats running for President, it is almost a given that Trump will win reelection.  Consider the choices.  Joe “Burisma” Biden?  Even Democrats who vote do not necessarily like the guy.  Biden’s big selling point is that he’s not Trump which may not be a winning message given Trump’s approval ratings currently, or the state of the economy.  Then there is Mayor Pete who any rational human will realize he cheated in Iowa but his shenanigans may not play too well in New Hampshire.  Regardless, I doubt too many Americans want two First Ladies.  Of course, there is always the stone-cold Communist from Vermont, and his female Mini-Me, Elizabeth Warren from neighboring Massachusetts.  And let us not forget the ultimate gun-grabber, Mikey Bloomberg- he of the height-impaired, who seems hell-bent to buy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  If that ever happened, stock up on ammo and Big Gulps between now and January, 2021.


Face it: the Democrats are in disarray.  If they do to Bernie in 2020 what they did in 2016, there will be a battle in the streets of Milwaukee.  That may not be a bad thing since the fine citizens of Wisconsin will see up close and personal the craziness that is the Democrat Party.  Or will Bernie and his Bros suck it up and tough it out again?  How much abuse can the Ichabod Crane of American politics endure before he says “Enough is enough.”

As for that impeachment vote, we know the woefully Constitutional-ignorant people like Chuckie Schumer, Elizabeth Warren and the other assorted socialist windbags would vote for impeachment.  None of them really have anything to worry about come their next election.  Some are not even on the ballot in 2020.  Of those who are, the following are fairly immune from the wrath of voters in 2020 because they represent wacky liberal states, or there are just no good Republicans to throw up as a challenger.  They are the likes of Chris Coons (DE), Dicky Durbin (IL), Ed Markey (MA), Spartacus Booker (NJ), Jeff Merkley (OR), Jack Reed (RI), and maybe John Warner (VA).

Instead, it will be interesting to see how the impeachment vote is used against the following:

  • Doug Jones who may have signed his own political death warrant in very red Alabama;
  • Gary Peters who faces a serious challenge in Michigan which is particularly daunting since many residents of Michigan don’t know who the hell he is;
  • Tina Smith, the John Denver look-alike from Minnesota who could face a challenge in a state Trump is heavily targeting;
  • Possibly Jeanne Shaheen in New Hampshire;
  • And the open seat in New Mexico being vacated by Tom Udall who had nothing to lose voting either way.

It should also be mentioned that some Democrats not on the ballot this year may only benefit by the short memories of voters the next time they come up for reelection.  In particular, I’m thinking about people like Joe Manchin of West Virginia and John Tester of Montana.  Don’t forget: Manchin may want to be Governor of West Virginia in 2024.  It’s a long way away and the voters of that state need to be reminded every day for the next 4 years of his vote to remove Trump.

And no Republican should ever forget the virtuous Mitt Romney the next time he has to run for any office.  If the GOP had any sense, they should make darn sure Romney cannot run for dog catcher in Salt Lake City under the GOP label.



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