High (or Low)-Lighting Biden's Foreign Policy

With Joe Biden the Democrat’s front runner in the campaign to take on Trump in 2020, an uncomfortable light has been shed on the foreign policy objectives of the Gaffe King.  Everyone knows that Biden plays fast and loose with the truth when it comes to his alleged achievements over many decades in public life.  He certainly has built up a resume over the years, but not one in the area of foreign policy he should be sending off to his potential employer- the American people.  If anything, the history of Biden as it concerns foreign policy, is a recipe on what not to do.


Most recently, Biden has been portraying himself as a peacenik who was against the war in Iraq in 2003.  Facts reveal the opposite.  As head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 1998, Biden was sounding the alarm over Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.  The only thing that changed between 1998 and 2003 was the party in power in Congress and the White House.  Regardless, Biden did not oppose war in Iraq, but was a steadfast supporter before, during and after the war.  Biden obviously has not learned the Kerry lesson from 2004 and seems content to push a false narrative of his opposition to the war.

Biden is so loose with the truth that even the professional punditry subclass of fact-checkers have pointed out his falsities.  It is pretty bad when even the Left starts questioning the truthfulness of your assertions.  With Iran, Biden is particularly vulnerable, especially considering the objective fact that Iran is the most destabilizing force in a destabilized region of the world.  Soon after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, it was Biden who suggested the United States package $200 million to the mullahs in Iran with no strings attached as a “good faith” gesture.  These were the same mullahs encouraging marches in the streets with people chanting “Death to America.”


Where Biden diverged from Bush on the war in Iraq was Bush’s inability to get Russia to go along and join our forces.  But, Biden had a unique plan to encourage Russian participation.  As the the then-ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Biden claims he floated the idea that Putin could share in oil profits from a liberated Iraq if they lent support to the United States.  He publicly lamented the fact of Russian non-participation and claimed that had Bush listened to his suggestion- the oil-for-Putin’s cooperation- things would have turned out differently.  Apparently, in 2003 Putin was not the bogeyman he is today.

Who can forget that Biden was the salesman for that goofy nuclear accords nonsense with Iran?  Knowing he could not get any support from the GOP, it was up to Biden to persuade wary Democrats of the deal.  The goal then was to secure enough support from Democrats to sustain a presidential veto of a resolution condemning the move.  And when they went ahead with the deal, it was the Obama-Kerry-Biden troika that sent palettes of cash to Iran and granted Iran $150 billion in sanctions relief despite openly admitting that some of that money would go to terrorist groups.  Gee… what can Iran buy with $150 billion?  Vegetables like potatoes for their people, or a war in Yemen?  We know the answer to that one.


Of course, now that the Russian bear is the big, bad actor on the international scene- despite having a GDP about that of a large state here in the US- all eyes are off China.  One supposes that this is good news for Biden since he asserted that China is not in competition with us and we have nothing to fear.  Or maybe it is because his son enriched himself at the teat of the Chinese dragon.  You never know with Biden.

Unfortunately for Joe Biden, he was part and parcel of the Obama foreign policy apparatus and his fingerprints are all over the failures of that administration from Iran to Libya to China and back.  Remember that “red line” in Syria that kept getting pushed back further and further until Assad realized there was Larry, Moe and Curly running American foreign policy for eight years?

You know that if it comes down to Biden versus Trump in 2020, there will be a debate dedicated to foreign policy and affairs.  Biden may fashion himself a negotiator and knowledgeable in foreign affairs because he chaired a Senate Committee, but everything he claims as victory or “the best option” have been proven to be recipes for disaster.  We cannot afford another Libya or bad nuclear deal with a terrorist state and that is what you would get with a President Biden.  He couldn’t handle the VP job.  Can you imagine Biden with the powers of the presidency?  ‘Tis a scary thought.


And to believe that some think Trump is a threat?  I’ll take my chances on Trump over Biden in this area any day of the week.


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