No Respect for Black Hate Groups

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On December 10th, 2019, David Anderson and Francine Graham stormed a Jewish deli in Jersey City, NJ and went on a shooting spree leaving three dead.  It is also believed they killed a Jersey City detective investigating a stolen vehicle.  Anderson is a member of a group called the Black Hebrew Israelites.  They are basically the Rodney Dangerfield of certifiable hate groups.


They gained some notoriety earlier this year when they accused a bunch of white Catholic kids from Kentucky of being gay and the products of incest when those kids had the audacity to visit DC on a class trip.  The kids did what any red-blooded American Nazi child would do and began to chant school fight songs.  For that act, the group of kids got plenty of credit for being racists and the Black Hebrew Israelites got nothing from the mainstream media.  Even after two people affiliated with this group storm a Jewish deli and start shooting people, the Black Hebrew Israelites still just cannot get any respect.

Police tracked down some social media posts from Anderson, who went by the name Dawada Maqabath, attacking Jews, the police and probably even Jewish police officers.  In fact, he referred to Jews as “imposters” supposing that members of the Black Hebrew Israelites are the true Jews.  Just who the hell are these people?

They are believed to have originated in 1886 in the most unlikely of places and hardly an enclave of Judaism- Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Frank Cherry founded a black Jewish “church” and said that black Jesus would return to the square (not round) earth in the year 2000.  There is no central governing body and no Black Hebrew Israelite Pope either.  Instead, what links them and other associated groups like The House of Israel and the Nation of Yahweh is the belief that American blacks are the dispersed twelve tribes of Israel.


According to their weird history, when the Romans dispersed the Jews from Palestine in 70 AD, they somehow found their way to the lovely confines of the jungles of western Africa.  That is when they were eventually sold into slavery by “continental Africans.”  In their minds, instead of the houses of Levi, Judah, Benjamin and the rest, there are Haitians, Jamaicans, and even Puerto Ricans.

They are bound by a sacred belief that a black Jesus will return to earth and put all whites and the “fake Jews” into eternal bondage to the only legitimate heirs to Abraham and David- themselves.  Unfortunately, they are nothing more than a gaggle of bearded, poorly-dressed African-Americans and losers who likely live in a basement somewhere.  Their most famous sect is the Nation of Yahweh, based in Miami, whose leader once exhorted his followers to  “kill me a white person and bring me an ear.”  Before being imprisoned, they are responsible for at least 14 murders.

Let’s put this in perspective.  How many decades has it been since the Klan racked up a body count like that?  One would think that they would have more notoriety by now, but groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center will tell you white supremacy is alive and well.  Why aren’t they a household name like the Klan?  Because despite it all, they just can’t get no respect, I tell ya.


Despite all their race-baiting rhetoric, they get a pass from all those hate group watchdogs.  Some of their more familiar rants are (note: anybody but them are “so-called”):

  • After the race war, you’re going to be my slave, picking cotton in my field!
  • Will so-called white people go to heaven? Yes! In slavery!
  • Black women, you think it’s OK to take your sons to a beauty parlor, where they’ll grow up thinking it’s OK to be like a woman. It’s not. They need to be with men, so they don’t grow up and turn into a f@@!

You have to hand it to them for their flair for the dramatic and their goofy fashion statements.  Their frequent accusations of any person other them being gay, including the use of slurs, is on par with the Westboro Baptist Church loons, but the poor Black Hebrew Israelites just can’t get any respect.

So two of them walk into a Jewish deli in Jersey City and kill two Orthodox Jews (the real ones) and a Puerto Rican worker.  They were eventually killed by police.  A day later, Michigan Congresscritter Rashida Tlaib tweeted out: “This is heartbreaking.  White supremacy kills!”  When informed of the race and the beliefs of the killers, she took down the Tweet without explanation, nor apologies.

Mark Potok, the wet puppy-looking head of the SPLC, had the excuse ready.  According to the esteemed Mr. Potok, he said:


Perhaps the most bizarre thing about Black Hebrew Israelism is the way it mirrors, with only a change in color, the ideas of Christian Identity.

Apparently ignorant of history, the Christian Identity movement argues that the twelve tribes of Israel are actually Northern Europeans.  Further, the Christian Identity movement emerged in the 1920s- or, four DECADES after the emergence of the “black Jewish” church in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

For Potok, Tlaib and others, they can’t let a black hate group be supreme for once.  I’m telling ya, they just can’t get no respect…


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