President Trump, the Truth, and Why the Left Despises Him

In 2006, presidential loser Al Gore emerged from the woods and released his false documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth.”  Since October 2015 and continuing to this day, then-candidate/now-President Donald Trump has been speaking legitimate inconvenient truths.


Throughout the impeachment nonsense, we were inundated with accusations that Trump was a liar.  For all his lies, he had to be impeached and removed from office.  Besides being the President of the United States, Trump is also a salesman.  If he did not get rich in real estate, he would be selling the Brooklyn Bridge to people in Kansas, ice to Eskimos, and used cars on the streets of Queens.  He is a talker, a booster, and self-promotor.  So what and who cares?  Everyone knows this already and knew it when they cast their vote for him in 2016.  Suddenly, this is a political liability to the principled NeverTrump faction out there.

When looked at objectively, though, the Left does not despise Trump because he “lies.”  All salesmen bend the truth.  What they really object to is the truths he highlights and tells.  When were the Leftist pundits the most angry at Trump?  Was it when he exaggerated his accomplishments?  Or was it when he told inconvenient truths?  This writer thinks the answer is obvious and it started on day 1 of his candidacy in 2015 when people laughed him off.  Said the President in that eventful announcement:

When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. … They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.


Perhaps this was a not-too-artful way of stating the problem, but he never claimed everyone jumping the border was a criminal or a rapist.  By the same token, not everyone jumping the border then or now is pure as the driven snow.  Stating that not every illegal immigrant somehow improves the nation raises uncomfortable questions that the liberal elite and NeverTrumpers wish to avoid.  For example, if illegal immigration has a downside, why do our political leaders allow it and turn a blind eye?  If people really cared (looking at the NeverTrump “conservatives”) why was nothing done to secure our borders?

Instead, they allowed unscreened immigrants to enter the country, lavished them with social services while they decreased wages.  And in some cases, they brought in drugs, gangs, and committed crimes, including rape- just as Trump said.  By definition, all of this is true, but you are not supposed to say it.  Instead, when he announced his candidacy, the media portrayed it as Trump attacking poor, defenseless Mexicans.

It was not so much an “attack” on Mexicans as it was an attack on the media and the ruling elite who were co-conspirators in the state of affairs.  Because Trump spoke an inconvenient truth, he became despised.  When the Saudi government killed journalist Jamal Khasshogi, he again spoke an inconvenient truth.  Despite proof of their complicity in the murder, Trump declared that Saudi Arabia remained an ally, had heavy investment in the United States, bought arms from us and for the US to abandon Saudi Arabia over that incident would have invited the Chinese and those dreaded Russians to the Saudi dinner table.  Whatever you think about the Saudis, what Trump spoke was the truth.  Again- media outrage.


One of Trump’s most “controversial” truths occurred when anifa fascists and white supremacy groups clashed in Charlottesville over the removal of a chunk of concrete in the form of Robert E. Lee.  It was an inconvenient truth to say there were good people on both sides caught up in the ensuing violence that cost one person their life.  Not every protester was a white supremacist any more than every protester on the other side of the barricade was an anarchist.

And let us not forget another inconvenient truth: Baltimore.  This is perhaps the most depressing city along the Eastern seaboard.  Describing it truthfully as “rat infested” and “corrupt,” somehow stating the truth of the decline of Baltimore over 50 years of Democrat leadership became a racist code expression by the President.  Never mind the fact that many parts of Baltimore are rat-infested and the city is run by corrupt Democrats.  Trump should go further and point out the ugly truths of other Democrat sh*t holes like Detroit, Philadelphia, LA, and San Francisco.

Most recently, the Left’s disgusting display regarding their rally around a thug terrorist in an Iranian general’s uniform responsible for the death of hundreds of American soldiers shows they are averse to the truth.  Hatred of Trump has blinded them to the truth.


The apologists for the Democrats in Washington, for the anarchists in Charlottesville, and for the criminals, rapists and drug dealers crossing the southern border want to avoid these inconvenient truths that the President occasionally highlights.  Yet, you will not see too many reporters from MSNBC or CNN reporting from Baltimore.  You will not hear too many stories about illegal immigrants committing rape or murder in the mainstream media.

Instead, it is much easier to portray the purveyor of inconvenient truths as a racist liar out for nothing more than self-aggrandizement.  They do not want a debate about the war in Afghanistan, immigration, or the declining middle working class.  Talking about these things will highlight the egregious failures of previous leaders like Obama and their Conservative, Inc. co-conspirators.

The old saying “The truth hurts” is most apt here.  In this case, the truth is a threat to power.  They- the Left, Democrats, NeverTrumpers- want you to ignore the truth and not talk about the issues that had this country in decline because they were behind those policies all along.  It is what motivates them to shout you down, embolden them to threaten violence and harassment, and engage in social media attacks.  It is a strict policy of mandatory reality avoidance.


Impeachment had nothing to do with Trump being a liar.  It had everything to do with Trump telling the truth and having the audacity to highlight past failures and place blame where it correctly belongs.

America is all the better for it.


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