Another Democrat Debate, More Boredom and A Change in the Odds

After another debate held on November 20 in Georgia between thousands of Democrat presidential wannabes, this writer usually waits a week or two before re-checking the betting odds.  After the debates, there has been a shake-up and it seems that for every candidate that officially drops out, two more officially get into the race.  This trend is partly responsible for the shake-up, but there is a surprise on this new updated list.  So here we go:


#10. at 52:1 Tulsi Gabbard (formerly #7)

Gabbard dropped despite the departure of Beta O’Rourke.  The latest debate proved that the young lady from Hawaii is not going to back down and may even have a job in the Trump administration come 2021.  Her career as a Democrat is almost over and if she can’t make the top 5 in this group of misfits…

#9. at 41:1 Kamala Harris (formerly #6)

Her drop is just as dramatic as that of Gabbard.  However, Gabbard was never “the next greatest thing” since sliced Democratic bread to the party like Harris.  It’s ironic that Gabbard and Harris are now in a pitched battle to see who can drop out of the top ten first.  The eventual nominee may have to look elsewhere for their VP selection.

#8. at 36:1 Amy Klobuchar (formerly unranked)

Where the hell did she come from and how did she break into the top ten?  The answer is simple: anyone can, even if you act stupid on a debate stage.  Maybe it is that rogue bang that hangs in her eye that has attracted the interest of the odds makers.  It is also sad that this Minnesota hag is now ranked above Kamala Harris.

#7. at 21:1 Andrew Yang (formerly #5)

Not a bad position considering the fact no one outside of Andrew Yang believes he will the nomination.  Of course, this also illustrates what a clown show this really is when it come to the Democrats.  Who knows?  Maybe at the sixth and final debate, they may actually let Yang say something.


#6. at 14:1 Hillary Clinton (WTF???)

That’s right… the Hag of Chappaqua is back!  Again, illustrative of how bad this has gone for the Democrats, the odds makers are now seriously considering someone who has not even declared their candidacy.  However, it would not be out of the realm of possibilities now that the Russian bear has been neutered.

#5. at 11:1 Michael Bloomberg (formerly…WTF is going on here?)

Yikes! Not only is a non-candidate in the mix, but Michael “Big Gulp” Bloomberg’s entrance shoots him to the #5 position just because…  Although it would be interesting to see two New York City billionaires fight it out for the Presidency.  The blood of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders must be boiling right about now.

#4. at 6:1 Bernie Sanders (formerly #4)

Well, he ain’t dropping, but he also isn’t rising.  If it had not been for Hillary, the DNC, super-delegates, Ukraine and those pesky Russians, who knows what might have been in 2016?  It would appear that despite his staying power, it just isn’t in the 2020 cards for Bernie.

#3. at 4:1 (Elizabeth Warren (formerly #1)

The last time around, Warren was better than even odds to win the nomination.  So what happened between the two debates?  People apparently started to really listen to Elizabeth Warren.  That explains her drop- she talks.

#2. at 3:1 Pete Buttigieg (formerly #3)


It is strange, but at this juncture, the gay ex-mayor of a mid-sized Midwestern city may be the most sane of the bunch.  Of course, that’s not saying much, but it appears that once a person manages to rise to the top, they inevitably open their mouths and insert their feet.  It’s only a matter of time before he does likewise.

#1. at almost 3:1 Joe Biden (formerly #2)

He’s back on the top and now a good campaign strategy would be not to make any campaign appearances, or give any interviews.  But then again, we all knew it was going to be Biden all along anyway.

Incidentally, besides O’Rourke’s departure from the campaign, one has to ask: Where have you gone Julian Castro and Corey Booker?  Well, at least there is another great black hope- Deval Patrick- in the race now.  And to think, only 21 days until the next debate and 67 days until the Iowa caucuses.


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