Eric Ciaramella: Stooge, Fool, and Traitor

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By now, everyone with an ounce of functional gray matter in their skull knows that Eric Ciaramella is the so-called whistleblower that sent the Democrats into fits of orgasmic ecstasy in their drive to impeach President Trump.  Although, according to the gatekeepers of all things secret and sacred, Adam Schiff, we are not allowed to mention his name, it has now been well-established that he is the source behind this whole boring and ultimately futile exercise in stupidity.


This 33-year-old “patriot” is is a career CIA analyst, although at the age of 33 one wonders how much of a career one could acquire.  He was the Ukraine director on the NSC from 2016 to 2017.  He was also a close friend to Sean Misko who worked on the NSC also and left in 2018 to become a key aid to none other than Adam Schiff.   Before joining the NSC, Misko had served as an adviser to Jake Sullivan who was national security adviser to the Clinton campaign.

According to many sources, Ciaramella has access to policy information well beyond his regional expertise.  It has also been reported that he was long suspected of operating against Trump’s stated foreign policies, not only with Ukraine, but elsewhere.  But Ciaramella’s Leftist roots extend deeper than his presence on the NSC.  While at Yale, for instance, he would consistently protest for leftist causes and had even protested in support of a Muslim Brotherhood professor.  Yale is a well-known recuitment ground for the CIA and that is how he eventually landed in the agency.  As for his spot on the NSC, it was reported that he was hand-picked by none other than John Brennan.

And this all sounds rather fishy.  During questioning during the recent impeachment nonsense, GOP counsel Castor asked the top US official in Ukraine, whether the name Eric Ciaramella “rang any bells.”  William Taylor said that it did not.  Now, this writer will grant Taylor some leeway here.  He did become the top official in Ukraine after the current ambassador was recalled in 2019.  But, on the other hand, Taylor got the job given his familiarity with Ukraine after the ambassador was recalled.  He was in the State Department and it strains the bounds of credibility that Taylor had never heard about Ciaramella even though Ciaramella was the point man on the NSC on Ukraine.


He was dismissed from the NSC and White House in 2017 amid allegations of leaking confidential information.  At the time, he had access to confidential conversations between Trump and foreign leaders.  It is believed he is behind the leak of conversations between Trump and Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov and ambassador Sergey Kislyak where Trump downplayed accusations of Russian interference in the 2016 elections.

So, let’s put this timeline of events into proper perspective:

  • Hunter Biden, the son of the vice-president, gets hired for an energy company in Ukraine even though he has no experience in energy, nor does he speak Ukrainian;
  • This happens at a time when his father, the vice-president, is tasked with handling financial aid and relations with Ukraine at a very critical time;
  • When Ukraine begins investigating the company, the Obama administration and Biden, in particular, demand a stop to the investigation;
  • Eric Ciaramella then hosts a White House meeting between Ukrainian officials and those here, including those closely connected to Joe Biden;
  • Joe Biden succeeds in getting Shokin fired after threatening Ukraine in withholding $1 billion in aid;
  • In July, 2019, President Trump asks Ukrainian president Zelensky to look into the matter, and;
  • Ciaramella goes blowing his fake whistle.

Now comes, to me, the most interesting part of the whole story and I do not know if this is ineptitude on the part of the Trump administration national security apparatus, or if this is the way things operate.  Ciaramella is dropped from the NSC amid suspicions of leaking information about presidential communications with foreign leaders.  He is reassigned to Langley.  This happened in 2017 after being on the NSC staff under Obama.


BUT…the Zelensky phone call happens in July, 2019- about two years after Ciaramella is back at Langley.  Thus, how can he be the whistleblower in this case if he’s back at Langley removed from the Trump West Wing?  Ciaramella may have been out of the West Wing physically, but according to many accounts, his new job at Langley obligated him to regular meetings at the White House with the NSC.  More importantly, in his whistleblowing complaint, Ciaramella claims the July 25th phone call the impetus for the complaint but that discussions with officials four months prior to July also figured into the his belief that Trump was “abusing his powers” as President and seeking outside interference in the 2020 election.  Hence, we can make a logical guess that it was Alexander Vindman who originally shared information and concerns with Ciaramella.  Given the way Schiff and others rushed to the defense of Vindman lest anyone uncover the name of the whistleblower who Shiff and company believe is under some blanket of anonymity, they essentially confirmed that it was Vindman leaked the call to Ciaramella who then made the complaint.

The part of Ciaramella’s link to the George Soros funded Open Society Foundation was well-documented by FP writer Elizabeth Vaughn here.

As for George Soros’ connections to this whole fiasco, his name has come up in Congressional depositions and testimony only in passing.  Usually it is one of the cadre of “patriotic” Deep State servants who talk dismissively of any Soros connection claiming it all just silly conservative media-generated conspiracy theory.  They claim to know nothing of Soros.  However, there is evidence that the State Department under Obama and the Kiev embassy under Marie Yovanovitch, the latest martyr, pressured Ukrainian prosecutors to back off the Anti-Corruption Action Center operating in Ukraine.  Again, that organization was partially funded by the State Department and the Open Society Foundation which is run by Soros.


Now color me stupid, but Yovanovitch was employed by the State Department.  The State Department is outsourcing some of their anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine to the Anti-Corruption Action Center.  This Center is receiving funding from a George Soros-financed organization- the Open Society Foundation.  Yet, Yovanovitch and others seem to know nothing about this George Soros guy, nothing about this Open Society Foundation, or the fact they are using this organization to further their alleged goals in Ukraine.

What is most galling, now is that the Democrats and their Deep State operatives have been exposed, is the projection they are exhibiting.  Fiona Hill testified that attacks on either Vindman or Soros have “tinges of anti-Semitism” in them.  Her words are telling:

This is the longest-running anti-Semitic trope that we have in history, and a trope against Mr. Soros was also created for political purposes, and this is the new Protocols of The Elders of Zion…When I saw this happening to Ambassador Yovanovitch again, I was furious, because this is, again, just this whipping up of what is frankly an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory about George Soros to basically target nonpartisan career officials, and also some political appointees as well, because I just want to say this: This is not indiscriminate in its attacks…

This is perhaps the most audacious comment by a partisan hack, who incidentally worked previously for the Open Society Foundation, to date.  What she was even doing in the Trump White House in the first place defies explanation.  Although there have been denials about Hill’s link to the Open Society, as a research fellow, she noted that in 2000 she was a advisory board member on the Central Eurasia Project of the the Open Society Foundation.


For someone like Hill to make charges of anti-Semitism when a political party steeped in anti-Semitism is trying to undo an election with which they disagree with the results is the ultimate irony here.  Charges of racism and sexism are wearing thin, so it is time to trot out the Elders of Zion line to smear those who come too close to the truth.

When Trump promised in 2016 to “drain the swamp,” one supposes he did not know how deep the swamp was or how many creatures existed in those murky depths.  Why he or any of his underlings kept any of these traitors around is perhaps the biggest mystery.  The only explanation is that those swamp waters run deeper than anyone originally thought.


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