The Trump Tweet That Rocked Redstate

Yesterday, Redstate writer Bonchie weighed in on a tweet by Trump which can be read here. At last count, it had generated over 250 comments.  Mike Ford, another FP writer, followed up with another article on the subject which, at last count, garnered considerably less comments.  One took the position that Trump’s tweet could have a deleterious effect on his reelection chances while the other lauded Trump for pushing back against obvious America haters, a/k/a “the squad.”


Instead of responding in the comments which are intended to be brief, I find it necessary to respond in a diary format.  From a lot of previous articles and commentary here, it is apparent that some people have a problem with Trump’s Twitter fetish.  At times, I have questioned it initially, but after further thought and reflection come to realize that they are often blown way out of proportion.

As for this tweet causing him his shot at reelection, we all know the Democrats will use it against him in the 2020 campaign, just as they will use out-of-context statements about Charlottesville, just as they will run snippets of the Trump-Putin Helsinki summit, just as they will (fill in the blank).  If anyone thinks the DNC is sitting back and not cataloging his comments, tweets, etc., they are political retards.

It is the whole basis of the game Democrats play- namely, the race card.  Does Trump hand them ammunition?  The more important question is: Does it matter?  They are going to do it anyway.  They did it when it was leaked that he referred to certain countries as “shit holes” in a meeting that was about, through any logical analysis, shit hole countries.  Perhaps, not a nice phrase to use, but truthful nevertheless.  Is it Trump’s fault that shit hole countries tend to be non-white?  That is a fact, not racism.


The Bonchie article seems to intimate that Trump’s tweet now distracts from the internal Democratic Party civil war.  Several articles here have noted this phenomena.  Many comments use the “break out the popcorn” metaphor and watch with amusement as the party breaks apart.  But, this “sit, wait, and watch with amusement” philosophy only goes so far.  There is still a long way to go between now and November, 2020 which leaves plenty of time for the Democratic Party to explode… or unite.  Despite the obvious differences between the two combatants in that party, there is one thing that unites them when all is said and done- their hatred of Trump and stopping him at all costs in 2020.  It is the whole reason behind the Resistance which started about two days after the election in November, 2016.

So, now what is the Democratic Party uniting around vis-a-vis the Trump tweet?  Pelosi’s retort sums it up: “Make America great again means make America white again.”  The race card is played to perfection.

From a tactical standpoint, Pelosi had to retort, but to what effect?  What is now described as a “united front” among the Democrats- a united front that likely would have evolved regardless as November 2020 neared- has actually forced Pelosi closer to the what is often described here as “the batshit crazy Democrats.”


And make no mistake, they are batshit crazy as their policies and statements make clear.  They are extremely out of the mainstream, but when you look at their proposals and those of the so-called “mainstream Democrats,” there is considerable overlap.  Taking one example, the crazies call for the abolition the ICE.  The “moderates” call for the “reform” of ICE transforming them into a glorified babysitter.  The practical effect is the same- non-enforcement of immigration laws.

Do I think Trump’s tweet was a tactical stroke of genius by stripping the veneer of “moderation” from the Pelosi faction and driving her closer to the crazy faction?  Sometimes, I think Trump throws comments out there and hope they stick, or that they have a consequence totally unintended.  I do believe that is what happened here.  He spoke his mind which is what a lot of middle America thinks, but dare not say lest they be branded a racist, Islamophobe, or xenophobe.

This is not, as one writer said, “3-D chess,” or if it is, it is 3-D chess by default and mistake.  Who gains in the short term?  The Democrats get to temporarily unite against an opponent they loathe anyway and the media gets 48-72 hours of commentary.  Most importantly, though, the Pelosi faction is forced to defend the crazies because of a Trump tweet.  A single tweet pushed her and her minions closer to crazy.


Further, all-too-often we like to sit back and watch with amusement these occasional rifts, often called civil wars, among the Left, but guess what?  Sitting back and watching often does not end with the desired result.  The Left (and I use that term as interchangeable with the Democratic Party) is still here.  It is still viable and it isn’t going away anytime soon with their stranglehold on the media, academia, and politics in many states.

Personally, I hope the Pelosi faction does move closer to the crazy faction because we all know the crazy faction is drunk on power and will not relent.  The only difference between the two is rhetoric and the pace at which they move America to the far Left.  It is up to voters, through correct messaging from conservatives and Republicans (not always the same) to highlight the craziness and ask American voters to make a choice in 2020: Is this the future of America you want?  They can start by demanding whether Pelosi and all those Democrats running for election in 2020 stand with the craziness, or not.

In the end, this is not, I believe, a stroke of tactical political genius by design, but one that can and should be taken full advantage of by the Right.  Stripping the veneer of moderation from Pelosi and company is a tactical win in my book.  Trump always seems to, at first glance, step in dog crap at times.  But, to use a common phrase often heard from the Left, “At least it starts an important conversation” even when the conversation may not even be worth having.  Sitting back and eating popcorn is fine in the movie theater, but not a good political strategy as history has proven.




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