The Culture Wars, Episode #94: Dumb Democrats and Dumber Arsonists

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This week, your’s truly is introducing a new feature to the culture wars: crazy, creepy and wacky things Democrats running for president in 2020 did or said.  Since the pool is so large and the members of the pool so wacky, there will be plenty of material for me to wade through weekly to come up with best.  Of course, six other crazy stories will also be presented for for perusal.  Without further ado…


Crazy Democratic Presidential Wannabe

The latest female superstar (sorry, Kamala) is Stacey Abrams, the losing gubernatorial candidate in Georgia in 2018, who still will not face reality and admit she got beaten.  Speaking about the popularity of another weirdo- O’Rourke- Ms. Abrams had this to say:

I don’t think that success is zero-sum, so I don’t want to disparage or take away from the reaction – the legitimate response people had to [Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke’s] campaign, but I do want to call the question…I think race plays a part, I think, uh, region plays a part, and I also think phenotype plays a part…

Ah yes…the race card played early.  Surprisingly, she used the term “phenotype,” although it is doubtful she knows what it means.  Then again, perhaps she does since they use phenotypes to breed cows on farms (yes- that’s a reference to her size).  Abrams is toying with the idea of running, but others say Creepy Joe Biden has her in mind as a VEEP running mate.  Careful there, Joe…that’s A LOT of woman to grope!  If she does not succeed as a politician, a few NFL teams are looking for a defensive lineman.

The Votes Are In

Woke students at George Washington University have voted to jettison their college team’s nickname- the Colonials- because “colonials” is racism…or something like that.  Add that to the list of thought crimes of the Left- being proud of the country’s colonial heritage… you know, the one that led to the Bill of Rights and all that oh-so-18th century nonsense.


Holy Frijoles

Miriam Zelaya Gomez is a rather rotund Honduran illegal immigrant who gained some notoriety through a viral video complaining of her diet of beans in a camp on the Mexican side of the border.  Seeking asylum, the woman was released on this side of the border in Texas.  Ms. Gomez was recently arrested and charged with assault with a deadly woman for attacking a restaurant owner.  Perhaps her beans were not cooked to her specific tastes.

You Shall Be Forced to Believe…Canadian Style

A Christian activist in Canada was recently cited for doing the unthinkable- referring to a transgender political candidate as a biological male.  It took an Ontario court 104 pages of ink to condone the hate crime charges against Christian activist Bill Whatcott and the indictment for “inciting hatred against the gay community” to go forward.  If convicted, he faces up to two years in prison.

Do They Speak Spanish in Ireland Now?

The Associated Press came under some criticism recently over a story regarding a Robert Francis O’Rourke stump speech in his hometown of El Paso.  The AP report stated “O’Rourke also spoke in his native Spanish, eliciting loud and sustained cheers.”  Um…the guy is a fourth generation Irish-American who never lived in a Spanish-speaking country (unless we count El Paso as a Spanish speaking country).  No- Beta’s la lengua materna es ingles.  See?  I too am Spanish!

Losing My Religion

According to the General Social Survey, Americans who proclaim to adhere to no religion have achieved number one status beating out Catholics by 0.1% and Evangelicals by 0.6%.  Mainline Protestants were left in the dust at a distant fourth.  But take solace: they beat out Hare Krishnas.


Jussie Smollet’s Long Shadow Cast in Mississippi

In Greenville, Mississippi, the Missionary Baptist Church was burnt to the ground a week before the 2018 midterms.  It was an obvious case of arson and a hate crime since someone had written “VOTE TRUMP” in spray paint on the church.  Police identified the white supremacist responsible for this heinous act, but for one fact: Andrew McClintock, the arsonist, is black.  Errick Simmons, the black mayor of Greenville, noted that we should focus on the past and history and the bad things that happened to black people, not on the bad things black people do today.



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