The Mueller Probe Is Over; It Is Now Time to Take Some Heads

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As everyone is aware, the Mueller probe into alleged collusion, conspiracy, coordination or any other “c” word one can conjure found absolutely nothing,  and the country can move forward, right?  Think again.  Already, the Democrats and their lackeys in the media are circling the wagons and it is understandable.  When you devote 533,074 web articles to the subject, you’re invested in the story.  The big 3- ABC, NBC and CBS- dedicated 2,234 minutes of coverage to the story.  That comes out to over 38 hours of on-air coverage, or three minutes per day for 791 days.  Only the outbreak of a war or a Presidential election receives as much coverage.  Despite all that has happened during the Trump administration, a full 20% of all the media’s coverage focused on this story.  Along the way, there were countless bombshells that turned out to be duds.  And let’s not forget the countless Hollywood boobs who took to Twitter, Facebook and the airwaves to publicly vent, rant, and predict.

One of the media’s “greatest” prognosticators was former CIA chief John Brennan.  The fact he held that position for four years is scary.  It now makes sense why an organization like ISIS would rise up on his watch.  Then again, when you are the CIA station chief in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia when the Khobar Towers were blown up, one should have questioned his credentials a lot earlier.  In an incredible feat of twisted logic, a man so deranged with hatred against Trump accuses Trump of being deranged.


At least we will not be privy to pre-dawn raids on the homes of 67-year-old men with CNN news vans and reporters conveniently parked outside.  We were told that approaching a home of an old man before the sun arose with full SWAT gear and weapons at the ready was standard operating procedure for the FBI  which should strike fear into the heart of every rational American.  And all this was for the execution of a warrant for a non-violent crime.  One guesses they feared Stone would toss his morning bowl of Wheaties at the FBI agents.

Then we have G-man extraordinaire himself, Robert Mueller, issuing his long-awaited report to Attorney General William Barr, but not what they hoped, wished and prayed for.  In the end, the 674 day investigation with its string of subpoenas, interviews, witnesses, etc. ended with as big a thud as all those previous bombshells.  In fact, we found that foreign agents tried to infiltrate or offer the Trump campaign their services, but they were rebuffed by the Trump campaign.

No one has seen the report outside the Justice Department and we likely may not for some time.  Information that may be damaging or embarrassing to certain individuals, but in no way criminal, will likely never be seen.  That’s true now that James Comey and Andrew McCabe are no longer around to leak anything to the media.  Of course, that has not stopped Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper and Jim Acosta from speculating.  Rachel Maddow is too busy purchasing Kleenex at the local CVS.  What we do know is there will be no further indictments and there was no collusion or anything like that.


Probably most frazzled right now are the NeverTrumpians.  Here they sat at the knee of Bill Kristol as the faithful listened to his latest Bulwark article waiting for St. Mueller to descend from the skies like the second coming of G-man Jesus holding tablets filled with indictments and damaging… dare we say, impeachable information.  Finally, they believed, the country would be spared this national nightmare of economic growth, historically low unemployment, attention towards an increasingly militant China, and a business-friendly regulatory environment.  Did I mention that the United States is now one of the major exporters of energy freeing us from the yoke of Middle Eastern tyrants and despots?

So what did Mueller accomplish?  He managed indictments against some Russian individuals and entities that will never see the inside of an American courtroom.  In short, some window dressing and justification for his position.  And don’t forget the indictments and plea deals against Manafort, Flynn and others… for things having absolutely nothing to do with conspiring with Russians to influence an election.

What emerges is a picture that has been splendidly reported on these pages by many front page writers and diarists- one of the biggest scandals in American political history.  It is the story of skullduggery and intrigue and how people in an administration so hell-bent on retaining power went so far as to unleash the powers of the intelligence services and federal law enforcement against a presidential candidate and eventual President.


People we have come know and dislike on these pages- James Comey, Lisa Page, Sally Yates, John Brennan, James Clapper, Peter Strozk, Bruce Ohr, tried their hardest to undo the results of the 2016 election.  All their hopes rested on the results of Mueller’s investigation which they assured us would vindicate them all.  They were the unappreciated guardians of American democracy protecting us all from the Big Bad Orange Man.

However, we are now a few days beyond the big shoe drop.  The Never Trumper and the Resistance are in the denial stage of grief led by their spiritual gurus Adam Schiff and Jerrold “Fat Man” Nadler and their complicit rubes in the media like Don Lemon who shake their head incredulously believing that there has to be something to explain this travesty.  So they cling to the memory of their fantasy in the blind hope that with just a little more investigation they will uncover that elusive something.

There is a “something” there and it’s not something either the NeverTrumpian nor the media nor the anti-Trump resistance is going to like to hear.  Began a recent article in The Hill:

We now have strong evidence that retired British spy Christopher Steele began his quest in what ultimately became the infamous Russia collusion dossier with a series of conversations with top Justice Department official Bruce Ohr between December 2015 and February 2016 about securing evidence against Manafort.

‘We know the FBI set up shop in the U.S. embassy in Kiev to assist its Ukraine–Manafort inquiry . . . while using Steele as an informant at the start of its Russia probe. And we know Clinton’s campaign was using a law firm to pay an opposition research firm for Steele’s work in an effort to stop Trump from winning the presidency, at the same time Steele was aiding the FBI.


As that great philosopher Scooby-Doo would say, “Ruh-ro.”

Since the great Mueller gambit failed to pay dividends, all they have left is bits of scraps to hold onto.  Some in the media smell a Barr/Rosenstein cover-up at the DOJ.  Perhaps Barr, Rosenstein and Mueller are all Russian agents.

Surprisingly, one unlikely person seems to get it right- certifiable moonbat comedian-turned-artist Jim Carrey who churns out first grade level anti-Trump artwork almost weekly.  His most recent piece of art depicts himself eating a hearty helping of crow.  But, the associated Tweet predicts that Trump’s goose is cooked.  Such is the derangement.

The Resistance marches on despite the gnashing of teeth and drying of tears on the streets of Chappaqua, the studios of MSNBC and CNN, and the offices of The Bulwark.  Some people just don’t know how to handle grief.

It is imperative that the feet of all those media figures who fed us this nonsense for over two years be held to a very hot fire.  It is imperative that the heads of the NeverTrumpers be displayed on pikes for all to see what an jackass looks like.  It is imperative that all those officials involved be paraded through the streets in orange jumpsuits before being shipped off to various prisons filled with violent criminals.


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