More Ignorance from Allie From the Bronx

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Soon after the introduction of her grade school term paper titled the Green New Deal, Ms. Ocrazio delivered a speech where she and fellow crazies called for the abolition of ICE.  Besides naming human mobility a “right,” she predictably stuck her foot in her oversized mouth and spouted these infamous lines:

Because we are standing on native land and Latino people are descendants of native people, we cannot be told and criminalized simply for our identity and our status. Period.

First, it becomes obvious that by stating “native land,” she essentially delegitimized the creation of the United States.  This is to be expected from a Leftist, but it seems strange that a person bearing a Hispanic surname and who can likely trace their ancestry to the very people who colonized the “native land” can then make such a claim.

Actually, it is not that strange for AOC.  She, after all, rebranded herself Allie from the Bronx despite growing up in a 90% white neighborhood.  She ran a primary campaign where her opponent summarized what he was up against: “I can’t help being born white.”  After her election to Congress, she again rebranded her identity claiming her family traces it roots to Sephardic Jews who fled their native Spain during the Inquisition and secretly practiced their Judaism in Puerto Rico.

It is not clear how this makes her a “native.”  It also does not explain how any native tribe in what is now the United States gained any benefit from the migration of Puerto Ricans to this “native land.”  Her claims that Hispanics are descendants of “native people” holds about as much intellectual weight as Elizabeth Warren claiming to be Native American on applications for jobs.

Oddly enough, Hispanics once organized themselves to be considered “white” or “Caucasian” for legal purposes.  Those were the old days; today it is more advantageous to be under the “natives” category.  In effect, she is spouting the Aztlan myth which has evolved into a powerful symbol of Hispanic identity.  Unfortunately for AOC, it has absolutely nothing to do with Puerto Rico.  Instead, she has appointed herself a spokesperson for anyone with a Spanish surname regardless of where they truly originate or what they believe.

The Aztlan belief states that a major part of the United States- the Southwest reaching into the middle of California and east to Colorado- rightfully belongs to an ancient indigenous population- the Aztecs.  It seems weird that Hispanics like AOC would even want to have their identity linked to a civilization that engaged in ritual sacrifice.  In 2006, archaeologists discovered that this “noble savage” of an empire sacrificed and ate other tribes traveling with the Spanish conquistadors to dissuade others from joining the Spanish invaders.  The Chimu, another pre-Colombian tribe, sacrificed over 140 children before the Incas defeated them.  It is funny how a film like Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto, which was branded as “…an ignorant and criminal white supremacist vision of Maya civilization” was closer to the truth than anything that comes from the lips of AOC.

Further, this appeal to the Aztecs makes sense for the domestic Hispanic community.  They establish an imagined community so that they redefine the past to create the illusion of an eternal existence.  But, the Aztlan myth which calls for the creation of a new nation out of the current Southwestern United States is predicated upon a lie.  The Aztecs rarely ventured north of the Rio Grande and when they did, they were met with stiff resistance from American Indian tribes, especially the Comanche.  Also, AOC and her ilk when they make these preposterous claims are really saying that the native land has nothing to do with native peoples but is predicated upon boundaries established by the Spanish.  To the best of my knowledge, Spain is still in Europe and Europeans are considered white…even those in Spain.

Her bizarre line of thinking and lack of logic is further exemplified in this immortal line from her “not a dime for ICE” speech which included tears.  She stated: “We are a nation and land of laws. Not just some people are subject to laws and others are not.”  In the same breath she then exempts Hispanics from immigration laws.  One supposes in her weird mind that the imaginary right to human mobility supersedes immigration laws.  If that is so, then anyone from anywhere can go any place they want.  If we follow that through, then why have borders?  Why not just obliterate national boundaries given this newfound right?  We can just call it Pangea.

She and her ilk further show their ignorance and skewed priorities.  The week before her “kill ICE” speech, in her very district that she represents in Congress an MS-13 gang member killed another rival gang member in broad daylight on the subway.  The assailant- Ramiro Gutierrez- had a previous arrest record and was an illegal immigrant.  Where was the news conference and speech to denounce this act?  Imagine if that assailant had been white and wearing a red MAGA hat.

AOC is a product of our Leftist times.  The fact is in this speech- not some off-the-cuff comments- she proved that she does not identify with the country she claims to represent, nor the Constitution she is sworn to uphold.  Given her background and her comments, it becomes obvious that she is loyal to anything but the concept the United States of America.  She is a slave to identity politics.  Changing demographics will put more people like AOC into elected office and positions of power.

It is somewhat funny to note that many of those Hispanics living here illegally, or attempting to enter the country illegally, do not identify with some indigenous people.  The number of Garcias far outnumbers those with the surname Quetzalcoatl.

She can show her ignorance of history and anthropology all she wants.  What she cannot do is redefine herself as a Sephardic Jew, native American, or just a poor bartender from the Bronx because it pays political dividends.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is just another Caucasian railing against fellow Caucasians and that makes her no different than any two bit radical from the 1960’s.

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