Beware the Great Northam Listening/Apology Tour

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As everyone is aware, Virginia governor Ralph Northam has decided to hunker down and ride out the storm.  He, you may remember, is the guy who first apologized for an appearance of himself in either blackface or a KKK hood on his medical school yearbook page who later rescinded the apology claiming that he was neither of those people in that picture.  However, he then admitted that he did once appear in blackface, but that it was a Michael Jackson impersonation contest as if dressing in blackface was a requirement of the contest.  Thankfully, the nation was spared any video of Northam moon walking.

Of course, there was/is the added excitement of Lt. governor Justin Fairfax and his just deserved MeToo controversy.  Throw in another blackface admission from a white Democratic state attorney general and it makes you wonder what is in the drinking water in Virginia.  But, back to Northam…

Instead of heeding calls to resign, Northam has decided to embark on a statewide “reconciliation and healing” (a/k/a apology) tour.  In preparation, according to reports from the Washington Post, he is boning up on his African-American history by reading Roots and Ta Nehesi Coates’ “The Case for Reparations.”  It did not get off to a great start when he tried to rewrite history by referring to Virginia slaves as “indentured servants.”

The first stop on his official tour will be next week when he will attend an event at a historically black college in Richmond- Virginia Union University.  According to some reports, the student body is not to happy about his appearance, but the administration is willing to hear him out if he even speaks at all.

Virginia is a state where the governor is limited to one term, then they are out.  There is no worry that this controversy will cost him reelection in 2021.  Northam likely realizes he can ride out the storm.  This is not a Republican governor whose head would have been publicly displayed on a pike in front of the Capitol building in Richmond by now.

Instead, we can see two things happening here and they explain the difference between Republicans and Democrats.  The first is that Democrats are better at circling the wagons than are Republicans.  Part of this is attributable to a compliant mainstream media which is basically the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party.  Turn on CNN or any other lefty outlet and when discussing the Northam controversy, two issues will pop up: Donald Trump encourages an atmosphere of hatred, and Steve King is a white supremacist.  One would think, given their analysis, that Trump applied the shoe polish to Northam’s face and King was the guy in the white hood.

Further, many of Northam’s defenders are saying this incident happened 35 years ago and who cares?  One article in the Atlantic stated that a majority of blacks do not care what Northam did 35 years ago in medical school.  If only they spread their “don’t care” attitude a little more evenly between political parties, this would be a non-issue.  Another article took a page from the evangelical playbook and suggested everyone should hate the sin, but love the sinner.  Again, one sees a lack of even-handed love being spread about.

Hence, this writer believes Northam will survive and complete his term.  However, that does not infer that every conservative in Virginia and the country should become complacent and let him fade from the news.  Instead, in order to survive, Northam’s strategy is straight from a Forbes article on how to survive scandal.  Step 1: issue an apology and appear sincere.  Check.  Step 2: Show some remorse or shame.  Check.  Step 3: Engage in some actionable change.  This is the scary part.

Rest assured that as Northam roams the state, what will emerge will be a very liberal activist agenda that panders to the race-baiters.  Already, some Virginia news outlets are saying that Northam is considering changing his budgeting priorities to reflect that agenda.  Specifically, besides requiring nauseating sensitivity training for his staff, he has them looking into three specific areas- access to housing, access to health care, and transportation.  As proof he is performing the proper penance in the racial confession booth, he has noted that he has added 11,000 ex-felons to the voting rolls- 2,545 since the scandal first broke.  One can expect new spending programs that target minority communities throughout the state.

Another thing to likely to emerge from his prostration before the racial identity altar will be a call to eliminate all Confederate statues in the commonwealth.  This is an expected diversionary tactic to take the heat off himself.  He will likely support getting Robert E. Lee torn from history books and the school curriculum will focus on the evilness of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and a whole line of Virginia founding fathers because they had slaves… or “indentured servants,” according to Northam.

Three things are apparently sad about this.  The first is the rank double standard being applied.  As mentioned earlier, if Northam was a Republican governor, there would be daily protests from black activists and a visit to the state from Shaun King, Louis Farrakhan and Black Lives Matter.

The second thing is that the entire state of Virginia will pay for the sins of one man- Ralph Northam- as if every taxpayer in Virginia donned a blackface at one time 35 years ago.  Ralph Northam will repent for his sins on the collective backs of every Virginian.

Most egregiously, lost in the entire circus will be Northam’s support of an abortion bill that was really about infanticide.  Pro-life groups in Virginia should be dogging him throughout the state.  They should be pointing out that his pro-abortion stance is more racist than wearing a blackface.  Considering that black women account for 36% of all abortions and only represent 13% of the population, an already self-genocidal epidemic is made worse by expanding abortion up to 40 weeks.  If Northam wants to engage in apology tour, perhaps he picked the wrong incident for which to apologize.

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