The Culture Wars #77: More Signs of the Impending Apocalypse

Welcome to another edition of the culture wars where your’s truly brings you the best of the crazed and wild world the Left has to offer.  Here are one crazy and wild nut job of the week and six stories that may or may not have been covered here on the hallowed grounds of Redstate.


Goofball of the Week

So many to choose from, but let’s go with former president Barack Obama.  Said perhaps the most smug president in the history of the United States, America suffers from a certain smugness when it comes to wealth and status.  Considering that he never had done anything constructive in his life before becoming president, his hypocrisy was on full display.  Of course, he and his wife have been raking in millions as they go around the country denouncing the country he once presided over.

Pluto Gets the Last Laugh

Although there are many who rightfully have chided and criticized Neil DeGrasse Tyson over his global warming hysteria, this writer is incensed that he was behind having Pluto wiped from the solar system.  But, who’s laughing now?  Not only is the astronomical community seriously considering putting Pluto back in its rightful place, but Tyson has become the latest casualty of the #MeToo hysteria with several accusations of sexual impropriety.  It turns out that Tyson is nothing more than a horn dog after all.

Even Happy Meal Toys Are Not Immune

Leslie Love is a state legislator in Michigan who recently introduced a bill that would urge fast food restaurants to cease giving out gender-specific toys with children’s meals (guess which party she belongs to).  Apparently by doing so, McDonald’s and other franchises are encouraging kids to develop certain gender roles by limiting their imaginations.  Sadly, 14 other legislators have signed on as co-sponsors for the legislation.


Speaking of Smugness

Giving Obama a good run for the money in the smugness department is our favorite moonbat, the bug-eyed socialist Congresswoman from New York- Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  At a recent rally for green energy, she referred to her election from a district where a Democratic refrigerator could win a race is the equivalent of landing men on the moon and the fight for civil rights in the 1960’s.  AOC sure loves her some AOC.

The Little Mermaid Song Under Attack

Responding to triggered feminists, the Princeton Tigertones, an all-male a cappella group, has decided to no longer sing “Kiss the Girl,” a song from the animated movie, The Little Mermaid.  Of course, the evil sea witch octopus known as Ursula has stolen Ariel’s voice, so consent for the kiss from the handsome and patriarchal Price Eric is not even possible.  Proving that your average social justice warrior is finding legitimate things to get pissed off about more problematic, they have now turned to fairy tales and animated Disney movies.

Giving a Whole New Meaning to Christian Scripture

Nadia Bolz-Weber is a liberal Lutheran pastor who is apparently offended by purity rings.  She is protesting “evangelical purity culture,” which some people may call “adherence to scripture,” or even “Christianity” by telling people to turn in their gold purity rings.  She intends to melt them all down in order to create a large golden human vagina to be unveiled at the 2019 Makers Conference.  She will even replace your purity ring with a “shameless” ring of equal value.  Well, at least it is more interesting than a golden calf.


Yet Another Sign of the Impending Apocalypse

Angela Ponce has been crowned Miss Universe Spain and will now compete in the international competition.  Angela Ponce, however, is biologically a male who claims they started identifying as a female at the mature age of three.  Online bookies have made Ponce the odds-on favorite to be the winner of the Miss Universe pageant to be held in Bangkok, Thailand.  In today’s atmosphere of LBTQIABCDEFG+ rights, I’d take those odds also…

That’s it for this week.  Join me next week for yet another episode of this nightmare known as the culture wars as the database of craziness is filling up quickly.


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