The Culture Wars, #73: So Long Apu and CPR Anxiety

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What a week it was with the midterms.  Races are still in flux in Florida and Georgia while some real moonbats managed to get themselves elected to DC.  It should be a fun two years ahead of us.


Goof Ball of the Week

Sure to make the end of the year list of most annoying social justice warriors, this week’s award goes to the infinitely stupid teenage face of gun control advocacy, David Hogg.  He, you may remember, survived the shooting at Parkland High School in Florida by hiding in a closet, cell phone in hand, taking selfies.  Taking a year off between high school and college, Hogg has discovered that college campuses are…wait for it…”gerrymandered.”  Yep- he actually said that.  Apparently he fell asleep in history class that day.

The End of An Era and Another Sign of the Impending Apocalypse

I refer, of course, to the long running animated series The Simpsons killing off beloved Indian convenience store owner, Apu. Actually, they’re not killing him off but rather writing him out.  Actually, they’re not even writing him out, just making him disappear as if he was never there.  Rumor has it that the Kwik-E Mart in Springfield has been bought out by a racially diverse group of investors who plan to convert it to a Starbucks.

More on Banned Phrases

A student at Colorado State University recently interviewed the director of diversity at that college and noted that the phrase “long time no see” is verboten now because it apparently offends Asians. Likewise, the phrase “you guys” is now also suspect and the college suggests one uses the grammatically incorrect “Y’all” which may be offensive to Southerners (but they’re not a protected class, so…).  The next you see a long-lost friend on the street, make sure you look over your shoulder so that there are no Asians within earshot.


OK- Some Political Commentary

 Some call California crazy, but New York may be giving it a run for the money in politics.  The Bronx girl who speaks like a valley girl, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, like won like the 14th District, like you know, in a like landslide.  Likewise, presidential wannabe Kirsten Gillibrand, who is about as intelligent as Allie from the Bronx without the bug eyes, also won.  Then New Yorkers inflicted pain upon themselves by having to endure the claymation mug of Andrew Cuomo for another four years.  Even in upstate NY, Anthony Delgado, a former rapper who sang about his hatred of capitalism and the police and his love of having sex to porno flicks, defeated a Republican incumbent.

Sexiest Man Not Good Enough For Some

People magazine recently named Idris Elba the “sexiest man alive,” making him the second black man to be so named in the past three years.  However, having the preferred skin pigmentation is not enough for some social justice warriors.  A recent editorial in the Guardian lamented the fact that Elba exemplifies the “decidedly masculine, established, patriarchal figure.”  That’s right- to be the sexiest man alive today, you should also be homosexual, they argue.  Seems Mr. Elba does not check off all the boxes.


One Ill-Effect of #MeToo

A recent study by the University of Colorado found that people are more reluctant to perform CPR on women in life-threatening situations than they are to perform CPR on men.  The reasons cited were: (1) potential inappropriate touching or exposure, and (2) fear of being accused of sexual assault.  Way to go, feminists- people choosing death over false accusations.




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