The Culture War, Chapter #68: The Nothing Kavanaugh Edition

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Here we are in the first week of the impending Armageddon that is the tenure of Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court.  Believe it or not, there were some other goofy stories from our friends in the social justice realm, and here they are:


Crazy Person of the Week

This week’s dubious honor goes to Barbra Streisand who may have found the ultimate “high crime and misdemeanor” to get Trump impeached.  Said Streisand on Twitter: “Donald Trump has never owned a dog. What does it say about someone who doesn’t like dogs? And of course his sons love killing wild animals for kicks. He’s the first president in 130 years who hasn’t had a dog in the White House…”

There you have it- so long Russian collusion; hello to the great White House dog controversy.

Headed Straight to DVD and Blue Ray

Michael Moore’s latest movie, one that was supposed to bring down Trump, is sinking faster than a bag of potato chips down the throat of Moore.  The film opened to lukewarm audiences and it has been downhill ever since. In four days, ticket sales decreased a whopping 85%.

San Francisco Strikes Again

Fresh off banning plastic straws and bags while human poop and discarded hypodermic needles build up on the streets, San Francisco has moved onto more important things.  They recently passed an ordinance mandating that 30% of art depictions of non-fictional women must be women.  

Tales of Leftist Indoctrination

Brown University is offering a course called “Pedagogy Against Patriarchy” in which male students tell fellow male students to stop acting like males.  One such student, Garrett Robinson, is a running back for their football team. Said the incredibly woke Mr.(?) Robinson:


Football is a very masculine sport, so to hear things that I accepted as normal being challenged, like players insulting each other by saying they ‘play like a girl,’ made me want to get involved.

Staying in the Esteemed Ivy League

Researchers at Cornell University are calling on the people who run dating apps to cease using race as a filter claiming that they reinforce racial divisions.  They claim the algorithms used are preventing people from meeting others of diverse backgrounds. Excuse me but, having never used a dating app, isn’t the purpose of using them, to find someone compatible?  

Tales From the West Side (Story)

Kent State University recently cancelled a performance of “West Side Story” after two white students and one black student were cast in the roles of Puerto Rican characters.  Said Viviana Cardenas, age 21 and Puerto Rican, she believes that when casting ethnicity should have been taken into account. I wonder if Lin-Manuel Miranda thought the same thing when casting an all-minority cast for his hit, “Hamilton?”  Regardless, after much discussion (read: misplaced outrage), the Theater Department is scrapping “West Side Story” in favor of “Children of Eden.” No word yet whether those of Jewish or Palestinian descent need apply.


OWF Disappoints

A group called Direction Action Everywhere recently decided to Occupy Whole Foods in Berkeley, California.  The animal rights group intended to draw attention to “alleged animal welfare violations” by Whole Foods’ owner, Amazon.  However, the store obtained an injunction against them even using the parking lot, let alone occupying Whole Foods. Despite chanting and beating drums, seems most shoppers cared little.  Seems over-priced organic foodstuffs trumps animal welfare even in crazy ‘ol Berkeley, California.

Which brings me to an interesting observation: Did you ever notice how these animal rights activists also support abortion?

That’s it for this week.  Catch y’all on the rebound…





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