How Do You Spell "Hypocrite?:" O-C-A-S-I-O-C-O-R-T-E-Z

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One thing socialist darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did not count on after winning the low-turnout primary in New York’s Democratic stronghold 14th Congressional District is that her life would be placed under the political microscope.  This rags-to-political-riches story of the Latina from the Bronx rising to the top of the heap has been dinged by some recent revelations.

Hailed by DNC chief Thomas Perez as the future of the Democratic Party, the young Latina (age 28) is trying to out-Bernie Bernie himself.  This has some people hand-wringing in the Democratic Party saying, “Whoa!  Hold on there…maybe this is going way to far.”  A look at what she stands for and her legislative agenda which will hopefully never see the light of day, is a socialist wet dream.  Free health care, free college, free and open borders, a guaranteed job for everyone and apparently free housing because she and her socialist kindred have declared housing a fundamental human right up there with free speech and the free exercise of religion.  Ooops… my guess is she has a problem with that last one.

If Ms. Ocasio-Cortez had her way, all any American would have to do is just sit back and wait for the government to give you something since it is a “basic human right” and all that.  Of course, other than the “soak the rich” formula, she fails to mention how any of these fantasies will ever be realized.  She also doesn’t have a plan for when the rich vote with their feet and move to the Cayman Islands which should be preparing now for a huge population increase.

But the wonderful thing about being the designated “future of the Democratic Party” is the spotlight that person is thrown under.  And naturally, the liberal media will lash out against those who highlight her examples of hypocrisy since they seem to have a school boy crush on the attractive Latinx (what she prefers to be called).  In a scene straight out of The Wizard of Oz, the press screams, “Ignore those stories of hypocrisy behind the curtain…go away- there’s nothing to see here.”

Speaking of soaking the rich with taxes, she had very different views a few short years ago when she was starting up a children’s book venture.  Then, she was a big booster of the government providing- get this!- tax deductions for business start-ups.  Said the socialist darling: “You don’t make a profit in your first year.  To get taxed on top of that is a real whammy!”  Welcome to the real world, honey.

Mind you, this is the same Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (I’m tired of these hyphenated names and will refer to her as AOC from here on out), that attended Boston University.  Not counting room and board, annual tuition at that school is $52,000.  Not bad for a “hard luck” candidate caught “between two worlds-” the more affluent Yorktown Heights in Westchester County and the Bronx.  That home where she spent most of her formative years (age 5 to 18) recently sold for $335,000.  The median household income in Yorktown Heights is $116,741, more than double the median household income in the district she wishes to represent.

We are to ignore all these facts because AOC says that after graduating college, she made the conscious choice to return and live in the Bronx.  That did not prevent her from involvement in protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline  in Standing Rock and also a visit to Flint, Michigan to join protests regarding the water situation there.  Tending bar apparently paid well for these jaunts to North Dakota and Michigan to engage in some Bernie-style social justice.

There are also the stories about her tenure as a bartender at a Mexican restaurant.  Apparently, the bartending AOC wanted to keep the bulk of the $560 in tips received on Cinco de Mayo 2017.  After an offended waitress complained to management, AOC forked over another $50 to the waitress.  One has to question that share-the-wealth attitude that permeates socialism as it seems it does not apply to AOC’s wealth.  While most of the staff said they liked her and got along, we have seen a single detractor take down people bigger than AOC in the past.

Leaving aside the personal hypocrisy of AOC and her platform to make America great again in the image of Venezuela, the more she talks, the more she appears not really ready for prime time.  Her failure to articulate what a “Democratic socialist” is or even explain what a “peace economy” entails (it is part of her platform) is one thing while her views on ICE are another.  Strangely, many Democrats are now jumping on the “Abolish ICE” bandwagon.

On CNN, she stated that we should have secure borders “to make sure that people are safe in passage.”  This gives a whole new meaning to the term “secure borders.”  But, she also makes the extraordinary claim that ICE is running black sites at the border.  This is a loaded term left over from the Bush administration in the aftermath of 9/11 where the CIA ran black sites detaining suspected terrorists.  Among the accusations was that the CIA at these black sites engaged in enhanced interrogation techniques, or “torture” to some.  So, you get it?  ICE is involved in “human rights abuses” (her words) at these black sites.  To date, no photos of separated children undergoing water boarding have surfaced, but that’s besides the point to AOC- these sites exist…in her mind.  The picture has been painted in her image of reality.

Perhaps the attention has been thrust upon a fruit not ready or ripe for picking, but the DNC has already declared her the future of the party.  The crown has been placed upon her head.  Methinks a dunce cap may be more appropriate.


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