Anti-Semitism in Germany: Taking Their Cue From Berlin?

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Three months ago, an Arab-Israeli student in Berlin decided to don a yamulke and walk in public to test whether anti-Semitism was on the rise in Germany.  His beating at the hands of two Middle Eastern men confirmed his belief.  In Berlin alone, officials stated that in 2017, there were 18 confirmed anti-Semitic incidents in their schools which was a 100% increase from 2016.  To be sure, not all of the acts are being perpetrated by Muslims, but they seem emboldened by stances taken by the German government.

When Hitler rose to power, there were 500,000 Jews residing in Germany.  Today, they number about 100,000.  Felix Klein has been appointed by Merkel to look into the problem and he admits that anti-Semitism is very real in Germany estimating that about 20% of the population holds anti-Jewish sentiments.

This is to be expected given the German government’s demonization of Israel.  Many German organizations support the Boycott, Divest and Sanction (BDS) movement against Israel.  The BDS movement is itself predicated on anti-Semitism.  An NGO watcher- NGO Monitor- discovered that in 2017 the German government was funneling millions of euros to BDS groups including one with ties to a known terrorist organization (Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine).  These same organizations were providing generous grants to Muslim refugees in Germany- a group that Pew Research found 13% of them believe in the justification of suicide bombings.

Sigmar Gabriel, Germany’s former foreign minister, has met with an anti-Jewish group- Breaking the Silence- whose mantra is that Israel has committed war crimes and runs an apartheid state.  He repeated the false claims of Abbas that Israelis are poisoning Palestinian wells, an accusation in a speech Abbas made to the European Parliament that elicited a standing ovation.

Germany’s Bank for Social Economy provides accounts for two notorious BDS groups who accuse Israel of ethnic cleansing, racism, oppression and apartheid.  Klein has asked them to close the accounts, but they refused invoking “diversity of views” as the selling point.

One of two of Germany’s major political parties- the Social Democrat Party- is a self-declared partner with Abbas’ Fatah Party which funds terrorism and the BDS movement.  And in that speech by Abbas that drew a standing ovation, party leaders have found “inspiration.”  In 2016, Germany was forced to admit that the Palestinian Authority which receives $200 million from Germany every year pays the families of jihadist terrorists in Israeli jails.

Germany is a staunch defender of the Iranian nuclear accords- a country that has vowed to wipe the Jewish state off the map.  They say nothing about the presence of Hezbollah and Iran’s Revolutionary Guard in Syria on Israel’s border.  Here, economics may dictate their decision to deal with a country dedicated to Israel’s destruction despite the fact their own intelligence that Iran had not curtailed their missile or nuclear programs.

Meanwhile, Merkel has been encouraging massive Muslim immigration into Germany.  Muslims have been shielded from anti-hate speech laws.  Social media is monitored for unfavorable depictions of Muslims (like committing crimes).  Germans who object to the Muslim immigrants are charged with incitement and hate speech crimes.  Merkel has even chastised Germans for having “hate in their hearts” who would want to “marginalize” Muslims.  German Parliament member Beatrix Van Storch became the target of a criminal complaint and her social media accounts suspended because she criticized Cologne police for sending a “Happy New Year” message in Arabic.  Meanwhile, as Muslim immigrants were burning the Israeli flag at the Brandenburg Gate, authorities said they were simply exercising their freedom of speech.

Merkel asserts that the influx of Muslim refugees is a positive event and having a good multicultural influence on Germany.  German officials and the media go through contortions to conceal the rise in rapes, attacks and murders perpetrated by these ambassadors of “multiculturalism.”

When a respected Jewish leader in Germany warns fellow Jews not to wear a yamulke in public, there is a problem.  Jews were a minority in Germany but are even more so now with the increase in the Muslim population welcomed into Germany by Angela Merkel.  When you have a government that attempts to make illegitimate the government of Israel, that supports terrorist states like Iran over Israel’s concerns, that tries to tell a country where to put their capital and whose leaders echo and cheer on blood libel statements against Jews, it is surprising that only 20% of Germans are anti-Semitic.

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