The Water Cooler - May 15, 2018: Open Thread - The Continuing Saga of the Culture Wars

Welcome to Tuesday’s edition of the Water Cooler- Redstate’s only open thread where readers can discuss the upcoming stories which, every Tuesday, are dedicated to the never-ending culture wars, or any other topic of interest.

Celebrity Fool of the Week

This week’s winner of the dubious title goes to singer Halsey.  She is the very white-looking progeny of a biracial relationship.  Last year, she told Playboy magazine, “I look like a white woman, but I don’t feel like one.  I am a black woman.”

In order to further proclaim her blackness, now comes word that Halsey recently had a hissy fit over FREE hotel shampoo declaring it “watered down white people shampoo” that discriminated against 50% of the customers of the “hotel toiletry industry.”  Not even FREE shampoo in a hotel is free from criticism these days.

As Exciting As Watching Ice Melt

A Finnish environmental group called Melting Ice is soliciting funds to have artists build a huge ice sculpture of the head of Donald Trump so that people can then watch it slowly melt via a live stream podcast.  The idea is to bring to the attention of the world that Trump is the biggest threat to the environment because he pulled the US out of the Paris Climate Change Accords.  A site for the Rushmore-sized likeness has not been announced, but one presumes it will be in a location where ice has the potential to melt.

In Keeping With Silly Environmentalist Stunts…

An environmental group named Deep Green Resistance recently filed a unique lawsuit in court.  The plaintiff in this case, is not the organization, nor any human- individual or collective.  Instead, it is the Colorado River itself.  Speaking for the river which cannot make an appearance in court itself due to previous commitments, the suit alleges that the state and federal governments are violating the river’s rights to flourish and regenerate.  Put another way, the government is violating the Constitutional rights of the Colorado River.

Enough said…

Some Strange Findings About Environmentalists

A recent study divided 600 people into three groups based on their concerns regarding climate change.  Unsurprisingly, those in the “Highly Concerned” group were most favorable towards government regulation while those in the skeptical group were against regulations.  But then researchers noted something strange: those in the skeptical group were more likely to engage in environmentally-favorable behavior like using public transportation, recycling and having reusable grocery bags.  The researchers note that this is likely caused by a factor called “moral licensing.”

In Case You’ve Got About $10 Million Laying Around

Christopher Bedford, Director of the Baltimore Museum of Art, recently announced plans to sell off about $10 million in artwork currently on display at the museum.  NO- this is not a revenue-raising event. They hope to raise the $10 million by selling off art by noted white artists and then use that $10 million to purchase art by African-American artists in order to make the displayed art more inclusive.  Bedford describes the change as “truly transformative.”

You Know Civilization Is In Decline When…

In 2017, the Boy Scouts agreed to allow girls into an organization dedicated to, as the name implies, boys.  But with transgenderism blurring the lines between what is a boy and what is a girl and all that, the organization rebranded themselves as Scouts BSA.  Just ignore the “B” in “BSA.”

Since they are now allowing girls, the dynamics are obvious.  The Girl Scouts who, to the best of my knowledge, do not allow boys into their organization which seems kind of sexist, realize that with competition for membership, some girls might opt to join the Boy Scouts, er…Scouts BSA.

There is an unintended dire consequence should this happen which no party figured into their decision: if more girls join the Boy Scouts, there will be less Girl Scouts which means there will be less Thin Mints for sale!

And the Final Sign Civilization Is In Decline!

It was recently reported that schools in England are beginning the process of removing analog (that is, face) clocks from classrooms.  This ignorance of reading time is not unique to England.  A 2017 survey in Oklahoma City found that only 20% of those age 6-12 knew how to read a face clock with any accuracy.  The action in England was prompted after numerous complaints from students that they did not know how to read the analog clocks so instead of teaching them, the schools threw in the towel and are removing that heinous invention a white patriarchal civilization- the analog face clock.

Between the decline of the analog clock and the obvious racism of FREE hotel shampoo, one can rest assured that I will be back next Tuesday with another edition of the Water Cooler’s THE CULTURE WARS series.


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