The Water Cooler: May 8, 2018 - Open Thread - The Continuing Culture Wars

Welcome to Redstate’s Water Cooler where Tuesday’s edition is dedicated to the best and the brightest the culture wars have to offer. Technical glitches prevented publication last week, but I’m back and so without further ado…


Celebrity Jerk of the Week

Realizing his acting career is over since he is not relevant anymore, Jim Carrey has taken to painting…badly.  His latest anti-Trump “picture” has the President in the doctor’s office with the doctor saying, “Lab tests astonishingly excellent.  Stamina extraordinary. Urine samples delicious. Best I’ve ever tasted.”

One realizes art is the eye of the beholder, but in Carrey’s case, it seems to be up his butt.

Mark Twain: Racist

At least according to the editors of GQ magazine, particularly one Caity Weaver, in their article, “21 Books You Don’t Have to Read.”   Ignore the fact Huckleberry Finn was once one of the Left’s go-to books about the horrors of racism and slavery.  Instead, GQ  prefers you read something like Frederick Douglass as if all newly-freed slaves spoke like Frederick Douglass.

Jenna Fischer Address Interrupted

You know things are bad when an address by former The Office star Jenna Fischer is interrupted by some social justice warriors, being that she is so controversial and all that.  This occurred at DePauw University in Indiana after some racist and homophobic graffiti was found in a bathroom.  Although her address had nothing to do with racism, Fischer did her best virtue signaling noting that she empathized with the protesters who blew whistles and unfurled banners.


English Department in the Crosshairs

More than 200 students at Barnard College ($48,000 tuition per year) have signed a petition demanding that the college’s English Department ceases focusing on “Eurocentric” literature.  The petition/manifesto is a hoot to read.  Student Mya Nunnally states that “by focusing on Eurocentric literature, (it) perpetuates a vicious, exclusionary cycle.”  Um… England, which gave us the English language and college English departments, is still in Europe, correct?

The Correct Way to Handle Things

Recently, there was a KKK rally in Newnan, Georgia (pop. 33,000).  While the white-hooded Neanderthals gave their speeches, some antifa types showed up to protest (and break heads).  Ironically, the police used a law designed to combat the KKK to arrest ten antifa people.  The reason?  They refused to remove their masks when asked.  Apparently, the KKK knows the law better than the antifa Neanderthals.  If only the police in Charlottesville had done the same…

Remember That Jewish Cemetery Vandalism in 2017?

No doubt that vandalism was caused by neo-Nazis in brown shirts running amok among Jewish cemeteries at night emboldened by the election of President Trump.  The incident in Missouri was especially notorious as Trump himself weighed in and called it a “horrible” act. Police finally made an arrest in that incident and he has the rather non-Aryan name of Alzado Harris, age 34, who happens to be black.  No word on his motivation for his actions, but membership in the Nazi Party has been ruled out.


Is This a Threat?

In July, President Trump is scheduled to be in London if only for a day.  Trump, you may remember, is not well liked by the Lilliputian mayor of London who tweeted what may be a threat:

“If he comes to London, President Trump will experience an open and diverse city that has always chosen unity over division and hope over fear…he will no doubt see that Londoners hold their liberal values of freedom of speech very dear.”

Apparently, Trump is more of a threat to England than 40,000 knife attacks over the past year and the surging homicide rate under Mayor Khan.

That’s it for this week.  Remember: the Water Cooler is an open thread to comment on these or any other story.  Hope to see and hear from you next Tuesday.


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