The Sad State of Feminism in 2017

From the diaries.

At one time, feminism fought for somewhat noble causes.  In the 19th and 20th centuries, the battle was for suffrage.  Along with voting rights came other legal rights formerly foreclosed to women.  That’s where the nobility ends!


By the 1960’s, however, feminism became more assertive and, hanging on the strings of the sexual revolution, first came oral contraceptives, then abortion with Roe vs. Wade.  The battle became one over “reproductive rights” and, having largely succeeded in this area, they moved the battle onto equal pay.

This concept has been so debunked, but bears repeating.  Overall, there is a gap between what a female earns and what a male earns.  However, that gap all but disappears to the point of being negligible when a male and female’s wages are compared in the same job category.  Any difference can be explained by job experience.  For example, a male doctor and a female doctor entering the medical profession at the same time from equal schools with equal board exam scores in the same specialty make the same.

But, a female teacher does not make what a male (or female) engineer makes per year.  The overall gap in pay is attributable to the fact that women gravitate towards careers that are, comparatively speaking, low-paying.  We can question whether a teacher should make as much as an engineer, but that is a whole other discussion.  Females are not forced into the nursing profession rather than being a doctor.  This is a choice they consciously make and cannot be blamed on men, or the patriarchy.  Most of the barriers to women entering any occupational field have been broken down.  Naturally, because of the inherent physical differences between men and women, men will excel in certain fields more than females.  Again, one cannot blame men or biology for such differences; they simply are.


Today we are suffering through what is known as third wave feminism.  Thanks largely to social media outlets like Tumblr and Facebook, the fight for “equality” appears to be casting women in the role of victim, even in gender-neutral areas.  It seems to be a middle and upper class phenomena that asserts that any perceived slight or inequality is the result of the patriarchy.

The problem with this form of feminism is that one is constantly on the look-out for anything that can remotely cast women as victims.  Sexism is around us every minute of every day, according to these people, and they are calling it out even where it does not exist.  They are constantly being “triggered” even when there is obviously no trigger in the first place.

At one time, sexism meant discriminating or hating on anything because of a person’s sex (or gender which used to be synonymous with sex).  Now it appears that every straight, white male is a sexist if they do not believe women are the victims of something.  Of course, they- the feminists- get to define that “something.”

Oddly, this third wave feminism sometimes embraces Sharia law which makes it odd because women do not exactly rate highly, or even equally, with men in Islamic societies and under Sharia law.  The problem is certainly worse in Europe than North America.

Third wave feminism is actually undoing everything that second wave feminism attempted to supposedly achieve- which was based on some notion of equality- and casts women as victims.  They are obsessed with outing examples of sexism in every nook and cranny of society.  At times, they even create it and nowhere is this more apparent than in the notion that a campus rape culture exists where women are victims.  They cite a CDC report which states that one in four female college students will be a victim of some kind of unwanted sexual misdeed.


Some of the problem is the definition of “sexual assault” used by the CDC where every reported misplaced male hand on any part of the female anatomy is considered a sexual assault.  Even still, having two daughters, knowing that their chances of being sexually assaulted in college was 25%, one would not be sending their daughters to college.   Yet, female college students now exceed the number of male college students nationwide.  The fact is that although sexual assaults occur on college campuses as they occur elsewhere in society, there is no campus rape culture.  Instead, the feminist has to (1) create one which usually ends up being debunked, or (2) change the definition of sexual assault.

To these people, the most insidious forms of sexism are not genital mutilation of females, forced underage marriages or even sex slavery.  The biggest problems are “manspreading” on subway trains, “mansplaining,” and the never-ending list of micro-aggressions committed against women.  One website lists some of these micro-aggressions.  For example, saying “mankind” or using the pronoun “he” when discussing someone in a profession asserts male superiority.

There is a reason for this.  Feminists have run out of legitimate things to complain about.  Instead, they invent things and words to keep feminism alive.  They seem to be perpetually unhappy and hellbent on making the rest of society unhappy.  For example, they insist that women enter the workforce then bitch about how horrible the workforce is (NOTE: using the verb “bitch” in an article about feminism is considered a microaggression).  They insist it is a woman’s choice to have children, then denigrate those who do decide to and- God forbid- stay home and raise their children.  They plead with women to report sexual assaults, then complain that they will not believed if they report an assault.  They say appearance does not matter and that being fat is not an insult, then become insulted when called “fat.”  One moronic feminist, Jessica Valenti, even penned an article called “Real equality is women having the right to be as drunk and stupid as men.”  This is what feminism has become?  The right to be drunk and act stupid?


Take the case of “body shaming” which has been banned on buses in London by the mayor, Sadiq Khan.  Apparently, according to Khan, unrealistic images of women (that is, thin women) harm women.  But, images of fat women, which still adorn these buses, do not harm women.  Likewise, the Hillary pantsuit is the pinnacle of feminism, but Ivanka Trump’s pink dress perpetuates the patriarchy.

According to a variety of polls, 97% of Americans agree with the concept of a working mother even if the male alone can support a family, 81% agree having women in the workforce is a good thing, and 90% find birth control morally acceptable.  Yet, less than 20% of American females consider themselves “feminist.”  Is there any wonder why?

Feminism started to demand changes in society with regards to women.  It paid no regard to the other half of society (men) and little regard to children.  It was a short-sighted view of the sexes.  Lies about human nature abounded and objective facts were thrown out the window.  Everybody was equal despite physical inequalities.  And what has their transformation of society achieved?

To hear them talk, not much if we are to believe the nonsense about the wage gap.  Perhaps their biggest “contributions” are, in no particular order, more promiscuity in society, sanctioned victim status, hatred of men, the destruction of chivalry, attacking motherhood, promoting lies, and glorifying abortion.

All those things they failed to achieve are, of course, not their fault.  It is the fault of the patriarchy.  If the best they can do is portray themselves as victims, then perhaps they just are not equal after all.



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