Red State CPAC Report 010-1915-28 Feb 2021

Red State CPAC Report 010-1915-28 Feb 2021

President Trump is on a roll. For those of you who are unable to watch, this is definitely a barn burner of a speech. Here is my hot take so far.


1. President Trump has not, in any shape form or fashion, lost his mojo.

2. The “drill” goes something like this: Fact, Fact, Fact, Explanation…then toss some red meat; Crowd goes wild chanting, U S A, U S A, or We Love You, We Love You; Rinse Repeat.

3. An hour in, he’s already gotten more applause lines, many of them “standing oh’s” than Biden has received in a lifetime.

I’ll do a full blown analysis tomorrow, but from where I am blessed to sit , watch and listen, this guy is the exception that proves the “age rule.” I think he could go the distance…again.

Stay Tuned!


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