Red State CPAC 2021: Report 006-0900-27 Feb 2021

Red State CPAC 2021: Report 006-0900-27 Feb 2021

Good Morning, Red State! Welcome back to CPAC 2021! This is Report # 6. Yesterday, once things got warmed up, was well and truly a barn burner, with crowd-pleasing appearances by:

Ted Cruz

Mike Lee

Donald Trump Jr

AP Photo/Brynn Anderson

And tearing the roof off the place in the grand finale, Dan Bongino.

Throughout the day session, spaces between headliners were filled with quick panel discussions on such varied topics as the First Amendment, in which the panelists addressed each of its component parts. Other panels included protecting our elections and interestingly, protecting the citizenry from government confiscation of property. More on THAT in a future article.

The early evening was devoted to breakout sessions which delved into details of such issues as law enforcement, dealing with China, and border enforcement. We’ll be writing about these in detail in the weeks ahead.

Stay Tuned!