Red State CPAC Report 002-1415-25 Feb 2021

CPAC 2021 Final Prep

Red State CPAC Report 002-1415-25 Feb 2021

Hello, Red State! Welcome back to CPAC 2021! This is Report #2. the energy is picking up here. The line for General Admission Registration was huge, well before they opened the doors. The crowd was energetic and happy — not a frown in the bunch.


It’s great to be among folks who espouse American values and support the things we do…like the right to bear arms.

It’s also nice to be around folks who are proud to have supported Donald J. Trump.

This nice young lady (seated) is the very lovely Mrs. Doris Muir. She proudly says that the MAGA hat has been with her for 3 annual road trips across these United States. Standing behind her is my colleague Jennifer Oliver O’Connell.

And of course, the day-to-day work never stops. Here is Jennifer Van Laar doing a live radio broadcast as the rest of the Red State team provides support from the sidelines.

The plan for today is to continue setting up interviews and of course, reporting on any items of interest. Throughout the week, the Red State Team will be on the ground doing our best to give not only the play by play, but also our analysis.

As always, we rely on reader input to help us focus. If there are particular people or issues you would like us to bird dog, please let me know in the comments. If possible, we’ll try to run them to ground…

Stay tuned!


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