Opinion: Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment

Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment states, ”Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.” I have just about had it with supposed Republicans….and not just RINO’s who just ain’t getting it. Over at American Thinker, the brilliant Andrea Widburg has a great piece out decrying the abject self-flagellation our team insists on participating in. From the article:


The Lincoln Project’s deep, open hostility to Trump supporters is a very obvious example of the civil war on the right.

Another example is emerging with the establishment’s war on Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R. Ga.). She’s a QAnon supporter with some wacky theories, at least one of which borders on anti-Semitic. I’m not a fan…

… However, when the Democrats pointed to her and said, “Oooh, icky,” Republicans fell over themselves to disavow her. The most recent example is China Mitch McConnell who called her a “cancer for the Republican Party.”

No, Mitch. It’s you who are the cancer on our party. You.

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But McConnell isn’t the only one. Even a supposedly solid conservative and Trump ally like Senator Ted Cruz, has felt the need to badmouth President Trump, albeit with legalistic jargon to soften the tone. From the Washington Examiner:

“President Trump’s rhetoric, I think, went way too far over the line,” he said. “I think it was both reckless and irresponsible because he said repeatedly — and he said over and over again — he won by a landslide. There was massive fraud. It was all stolen everywhere. That evidence, the campaign did not prove that in any court. And to make a determination about an election, it has to be based on the evidence. And so simply saying the result you want, that’s not responsible, and you’ve never heard me use language like that.”


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C’mon Senator. You are supposed to be one of the most brilliant jurists to come down the pike in decades. You should know that it’s pretty damned hard to present evidence when judges refuse to hear it. Again from Ms. Widburg:

Every court in America, from the Supreme Court on down, refused to hear evidence about election fraud. Without help from the Courts, Trump couldn’t make his case.

If nothing else, Senator Cruz should have been able to avoid that particular land mine. Actually, there was likely no better talking point for him in 2020 regarding our judicial system. Judges refusing to hear the arguably most important case in their several careers is a great argument for putting better judges in place.

Wrapping up, Ms. Widburg notes:

The Democrat-lites in the Republican establishment have utterly failed to keep their promises to the American people and are failing to protect them now from Democrat overreach. Americans are going to support crazed fighters like Greene over quislings like McConnell and Cheney. Cruz had better decide soon which side he wants to be on.

Andrea Widburg is spot on here. I would also add another group to the mix, conservative pundits. Let’s get this straight team, we gain absolutely nothing by badmouthing our own side and feeding ammunition to the leftists. They can dig up stuff on their own. We don’t get any cool points for agreeing with them. Also, as a general rule of thumb, if Mitch McConnell is badmouthing a Republican, chances are that Republican will end up doing us way more good than harm. There is plenty of fodder out there to write on without eating our own. Virtue signaling isn’t wanted or needed.


It’s time to grip hands, lock arms and present a united conservative front. Tell the leftists and their RINO enablers to pack sand…while gently nudging Ted Cruz back into the herd.


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