Opinion: Just What Were You Expecting?

Yesterday, we saw a huge demonstration by the supporters of President Trump. It started with a rally speech by the President, thanking them for their continued support. The President then went on to state what anyone with an IQ two points over plant life could easily see…he actually won in an electoral landslide. The Democrats however, with some assistance from the media and some RINOs, openly and notoriously stole the election. That’s not even debatable anymore.


The President then asked the crowd to go on down to the Capitol, where Congress was doing its constitutional duty of certifying state-selected Electors for the offices of President and Vice President. The crowd did just that, swarming the steps of the Capitol Building. Here is what I saw via television news feeds and reports.

But before I get into that, I must draw some lines in the sand:

—Put your hands on a Law Enforcement Officer without just cause; You go to jail.

—Put your hands on another human being or threaten to do so without just cause; You go to jail.

—Damage public or private property; You go to jail.

—You illegally break into and/or trespass into a prohibited area or private property; You go to jail.

—You unlawfully impede the lawful business of government; Depending on circumstances, You go to jail.

All of those actions were committed by a very few persons present at the Capitol Building. Although more footage may come out, the only real crimes I saw evidence of, were some shoving back and forth between Capitol Police and folks attempting to breach security barriers (which they eventually did). I also saw some folks breaking some windows and entering in through them along with some other folks who managed to break into the Senate Chamber.

I do not support any of the above. Let me be clear. The folks who committed crimes today, should be arrested, tried and dealt with as a Judge and Jury determine. Having said that, let me tell you what most of the imagery showed today.


Except as noted above, almost all the imagery was of a peaceful, joyful protest. Whether walking on the street or gathered on the Capitol steps, people were waving flags and as far as I could see, nobody was throwing punches. Nobody was throwing bricks or Molotov cocktails. In fact, one video clip I found very interesting, was one group of protestors who managed to gain entry to the Capitol Building, was walking/strolling through Statuary Hall…and they were all staying inside the velvet guide ropes running down the center!! Nobody toppled any statues over or anything like that. Surely not some “maddened mob” as the media kept hyping all afternoon long.

Here are some things that bother me. First of all, the media. The way they were hyping this, you would think there was an all out assault by heavily armed rioters, hell bent on killing everyone inside the building. The media kept using the words, “shots fired,” implying that the “mob” had shot somebody, maybe even a policeman. Turns out, it was a Capitol policeman who shot an unarmed female protestor. Unknown at the time of this writing, if this was a “righteous shoot.”

Another thing that starched my shorts, was not only the effeminate media prissies like FOX News’ Chris Wallace, but also some supposedly on our team, like Minority leader Kevin McCarthy, were quick to badmouth the entire protest as a “mob” and an assault on the Constitution. This continued all afternoon as the press corralled every Republican they could find to badmouth peaceful protestors and pressure President Trump to tell them to go home.


Here is my question for every American (remember my opening statements); What did you think would happen?!

What did you think would happen when you impeached, under false pretenses, a President who was the choice of close to half of America?

What did you think would happen when you spent each and every day denigrating 73 million Trump supporters, calling them “bitter clingers,” “deplorables,” who live in “flyover country,” who go to work, pay their taxes and just want to be left alone?

What did you think would happen when you stole an election, right out in broad daylight…with the help of folks who are supposed to be on our side…I’m talking about the Georgia Secretary of State here. Then did it again two days ago, with the help of the very same SECSTATE.

What did you think would happen when the Supreme Court of these United States refused to hear us on a case in which they have primary jurisdiction?

What did you think would happen when 74 million Americans watched the folks supposedly on their own team, tell them to roll over and suck it up?

Going forward…Knowing that 74 million Republican, Independent, along with a few million Democrat voters did NOT vote for stacking the Supreme Court, the admission of Puerto Rico & DC as states, the “Green New Deal,” massive wealth redistribution, gun confiscation or national lockdowns or mask mandates…What do you think will happen when a totally leftist controlled government tries to ram those policies down our collective throats?


I am very afraid. And you should be too. Rather than decry the brave patriots in DC today (minus actual criminals) we should take today as a cautionary pause. But we won’t. Y’all better Buckle Up.


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