Opinion: The Steps Towards Revolution or Hostile Takeover From Within (Part VII, Where Do WE Go From Here?)


When we last met, I had taken a quick double back to clean up a minor mess I’d made by failing to include foreign interference and encouragement of the current unrest in our Democrat led cities. Just prior to that, we discussed what would be the results of a Biden victory in November, concluding that such a victory would seal Democrat domination of the national government for possibly decades. Of course, such domination would take us too far down the road to socialism to come back absent a full blown and bloody revolution.

This piece will discuss possible actions going forward once President Trump is re-elected. It will serve as a conclusion to this series and an introduction to my next, regarding strategic political planning for the Conservatives within the Republican Party. That’s what is important at this point.

None of us would be foolish enough to to simply breathe a sigh of relief once the election results are in, and then go about our business. On his Monday show, David Webb** addressed that. He talked about going after ANTIFA and BLM and other organizations. He said that President Trump through his Department of Justice should go full tilt after those organizations. Webb is right. President Trump is right. These two organizations, among some others, are domestic terrorist groups. Terrorism: A criminal act of violence performed to achieve a political end... So bringing the full weight of Federal law on these two terrorist organizations is of course, an absolute necessity.

It’s not all that hard to infiltrate them and break up their plots aborning. All that would take is a little willpower and the replacement of key Department of Justice employees. We could then divert resources from the infiltration of Right Wing White Supremacist groups who aren’t really doing much of anything and use those resources against organizations that are actually causing all the mayhem.

That would be a great start… but only a start. ANTIFA and BLM are just the overt, above ground effects of decades long leftist infiltration and degradation of our society, culture and government. It took us decades to get where we are. it’s gonna take decades to get back to some sense of normalcy. That means there is other work to do… work at the strategic level.

Why do I point out the strategic level? Simple. One communist school teacher or college professor didn’t infect generations of, as Rush Limbaugh says, young skulls full of mush. It didn’t take just one person with disordered sexual proclivities to infect the military or the Boy Scouts… or the churches. Those things took decades, decades of infiltration, from school board level, to corporate board rooms. Unwinding the infiltration, the infection of the pillars of our society will also take decades of hard work.

The hard work will involve putting good folks on our school boards, county commissions and state legislatures. That last is especially important because state legislatures (with a few exceptions) are responsible for drawing legislative districts… when not prevented from doing so by judicial fiat. Which brings me to my next and most point.

In order to make our upcoming extended period of hard work viable, we will need help, an enabler if you will. The most significant enabler, we need is the Federal Court System. Previous judicial activism has been so damaging to conservative efforts, gaining control of the federal bench has become critical.

The importance of nominating and then getting conservative justices in every open seat in the Federal system cannot be overstated. However, we must take things further than just filling the open seats. Where possible, we should also encourage our older conservative judges to retire (or take senior status) so that President Trump can nominate younger candidates who will extend the conservative life of the seats they now occupy. Only then can we be assured that when we do win an extended legislative fight, the hard work won’t be overturned via leftist lawfare.

So what’s next? We conservatives will have to have a revolutionary model of our own. Interestingly, it will likely look a bit like the model we’ve been using to analyze leftist actions to date. In a few weeks, we will shift our focus from the tactical knife fight we are in right now, to a more strategic focus. My next series will talk about some of the critical tasks we conservatives will need to accomplish. Many of these will be drudge tasks that serve as enablers for further political gain. Stay tuned.

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