Opinion: Road To Revolution or Hostile Takeover From Within (Part V, Open Revolt or Proof of Concept)


This is Part V in a series on events taking place on our streets and in our major cities. We’ve used a Road to Revolution model produced by the United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) to analyze this process. Previous parts described the fundamental steps in the model and tied them to specific events now taking place.

Parts I and II of the series introduced the model and tied current events to certain model levels. Parts III-A and III-B sought to identify which parties would benefit from the current situation and the obvious and, in some cases, not so obvious relationships among those parties and their activities. This was important as these activities, at a certain point, become mutually supporting…they feed off of each other. If left unchecked, they can act like a runaway nuclear reaction.

Finally, in Part IV, we asked the question, Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Who watches the watchmen? Who is it that we trust to safeguard our liberties? Heretofore, those Watchmen were scattered throughout government and non-governmental parts of our society. The Watchmen included the Judiciary, the FBI, the Church, the Boy Scouts, and the United States Military, to name a few. All of these pillars acting in their own particular battlespace, so to speak, have historically served as a brake on government and individuals’ baser nature.

As I also described, those institutions have been steadily infiltrated and gutted from the inside, much like a termite swarm guts your house from the inside without you even being aware of it. Once we reach the point that those pillars of society have been totally hollowed out, the government can be toppled. The question we look at today is, “Are we at that point yet?”

Spoiler alert. No. Not yet. First of all, the events taking place today in our cities might be dominating the news cycle, but they are nowhere near enough to critical mass to start that chain reaction that would lead to a general revolt. Here’s why. The most important step, the very foundation of the pyramid, is built on a lie. Let’s have a look at that foundation.

Dissatisfaction with political, economic, social administrative, and/or other conditions; national aspiration (independence) or desire for ideological or other changes.

For a popular revolt to get off the ground, the people have to be really angry with their government. That anger has to be based on a long train of abuses and usurpations. A brief search could easily turn up many Americans who fall into the category of dissatisfied.. However, the fact remains that the vast majority of Americans, if they are in any way dissatisfied, are in no manner angry enough to pick up a rifle—the pencil-necked pajama boys using racial slurs as they throw bricks, notwithstanding.

Until the Wuhan China Plague arrived on our shores, the number of minorities who felt put upon here in America had been steadily decreasing, especially as the Trump economy took hold. Is there work to be done? Of course. But the raison d’être, the systemically racist police violence towards Blacks as I wrote about here, isn’t anywhere near the systemic, epidemic level the left would have us believe. It’s actually more in line with the old saw, the exception that proves the rule.

This brings us back to the USASOC model. If there is actually any such thing as a standard revolution, things always kick off with the bottom layer… popular dissatisfaction. We aren’t talking about mere disappointment or even antipathy based on the results of an election or two. We are talking deep-rooted angst that has gotten to the point that a significant part of the population is willing to participate in open revolt against lawful authority. We aren’t anywhere near that point. Without that general popular dissatisfaction, the revolution goes nowhere. Therefore popular, widespread dissatisfaction must be created…out of whole cloth if necessary.

This is exactly what has happened. A series of unfortunate police encounters, the vast majority of which the court system has duly exonerated the officers, has been used as a propaganda campaign to create that dissatisfaction. Looking at the graphic, you can see how the two red arrows are driving the process. Instead of organic dissatisfaction, anger with the government is used as fuel for propaganda, and the propaganda is used to generate anger and outright hostility out of thin air.

Fortunately, despite the propaganda effort, the truth has percolated out. More importantly, it’s one thing to protest peacefully. It’s quite another to riot, burn and loot businesses and other property, much of which is Black-owned. It’s definitely beyond the pale to assassinate other Americans in cold blood, as we’ve seen video of. Moreover, the message about alleged conservative antipathy towards Blacks loses some of its edge when we continue to see scrawny White ANTIFA and BLM peaceful protestors hurling bricks and racial slurs at Black police officers.

So, where are we at this point? As I’ve stated previously, one thing that isn’t going to happen anytime soon is a Fidel Castro or Daniel Ortega type barreling into DC in a Jeep to take over the government as President Trump boards a plane to begin his exile. The popular sentiment won’t get us to that point in a country where even the poor have cellphones, flat-screen TVs, and air conditioning.

My personal assessment is that intended or not, this recent series of events has served as a sort of Proof of Concept. It has served as such for domestic subversives and foreign actors that might wish to sow hate and discontent here for their own purposes. I have some modest faith that President Trump will prevail on November 3rd. Frankly, however, that is just buying some time.

As we’ve seen, the overall high quality of life makes it well nigh impossible for organic discontent to rise to a level that would foster open warfare. We’ve also shown that the only way to foster such discontent is to fabricate it through an effective disinformation campaign. To do that on a large scale that doesn’t run out of steam as the BLM and ANTIFA lies have requires the long time subversion of all the major entities that shape opinions and mold character. We’ll talk about that next. Stay tuned.

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