Opinion: The Steps Towards Revolution or Hostile Takeover From Within (Part III-B, Cui Bono?)


This is Part III-B, in a series about activities now taking place in the United States. The series examines these activities using a model from the United States Special Operations Command (USASOC). The model is a pyramid that starts with innocuous activities at the bottom that eventually lead to the peak, which is where open, armed combat operations take place by revolutionary forces.


In Part III-A, we talked about Cui Bono, Who Benefits? In that piece, we only addressed hostile foreign state actors. The most serious of these, is of course China, followed by Russia in a remote second place. Today, we will discuss some domestic actors who benefit from what we now see in our cities. We will show another example of one level of activity supporting or enhancing another.

First of all, let’s take an easy one, Black Lives Matter (BLM.) BLM, although international in scope, is really a group of loosely associated local organizations. that take advantage of a common leftist tactic, taking a modicum of truth or moral purpose and using it first to create and then to spread a lie. Black lives do indeed matter. How can any reasonable person object to that? The BLM movement uses that idea to promote lies.

BLM was founded back in 2013 after a local citizen defended himself from an unprovoked assault and had to shoot his Black assailant. After his acquittal, the movement grew by espousing the meme that Black lives don’t matter to our society, and that’s why George Zimmerman was acquitted.

BLM has now made it their standard operating procedure to foment protests, which inevitably turn violent each time police kill a Black person. Rarely do they wait for a determination of guilt or innocence by the officers involved. Moreover, if they don’t approve the results of the legal system, they act out their rage through violent demonstrations. This isn’t meant to be an expose on BLM, but rather to talk about beneficiaries to what is happening and relationships among those beneficiaries.


Along with ANTIFA which is a fellow traveler of BLM, let’s have a look at two other beneficiaries of what is going on in America right now, the Media and the National Institute of Health (NIH). Why these two? Why not the standard Boogyman, George Soros?

Because although he is likely neck-deep in funding some of this stuff directly or indirectly, like Bill Gates, he is just an individual, albeit with a lot of money. His achievements and actions are only significant as we assess them in light of strategic outcomes…which we will further on in the series. Ultimately, when both Gates and Soros depart this mortal coil, what they will have done, is not only assist in the infiltration of organizations, but more importantly, with their vast resources, they will have been able to create organizations from the ground up. This of course, takes years off of the standard infiltration process.

Back to the media and the NIH. The left has infiltrated both of those organizations for a long, long time. These organizations are so far left, that it won’t be but a few years, that in order to gain employment in either of them, you will need to show a Democrat Party Membership Card. Moreover, that card will likely have to have appropriate hole punches to show minimum monetary donations to the leftist causes of that particular election cycle.

So let’s go back to the chart. Starting at the bottom, we have Infiltration of professional organizations… in this example, the Media and the NIH. Here is the insidious part; this infiltration takes place over decades and while hidden in plain sight. Recall from the very first part of this series I wrote:


The hard truth is that before the first guerrilla picks up a gun and kills a police officer or Soldier, the revolution or precursors to it, have been ongoing for at least 10 years prior.

So in this specific case, what are the results so far? Well, we have three significant events ongoing across these United States: the Wuhan China Virus coupled with BLM/ANTIFA led riots burning, looting, and killing in large Democrat cities. Both of these are taking place before the giant backdrop of the third major event, the 2020 Presidential elections.

So how do the press and the NIH benefit? The press is easy. We all know the old saw in reporting: If it bleeds (or burns), it leads. If you can tie those reports to Presidential action or inaction, so much the better. Viewership is up, even among the leftist outlets. Viewership means advertisement. Advertisement means revenue. More importantly, more viewership means a greater press role in helping shape public opinion, which is what they really want.

The NIH is in the same if a more circumscribed role. Nobody ever hears about them unless something bad happens. Well, folks, something bad has happened, though not as bad as we’ve been led to believe. So for a time, we had Dr. Fauci bouncing around on stage during the President’s daily briefings. That brought a lot of public attention to the NIH. The less visible benefit to NIH is of course the truly important thing for Federal agencies… funding. NIH is now getting a whole lot of Federal dollars that it hadn’t had before. If you believe all of those additional dollars are for this epidemic or even preparation for the next, Mayor DeBlasio has a bridge to sell you. Lord knows, New York City could use the money.


We are now at the arrow pointing to the Intensification of propaganda arrow. Note that it’s both the Media and the NIH producing the propaganda. What you don’t see is the invisible arrow between the Media and NIH, signifying a deliberately coordinated messaging effort. Think Masks. Think Lockdowns. Think rising Infections, while Fatalities are coming down. Look at well known Fox News TV pundit and epidemiologist, Chris Wallace on his Sunday show, browbeating Trump campaign officials about not following the rules about mask wear at the Presidential Debate.

Let’s look at some more propaganda effects. As we all now know, the BLM and ANTIFA riots have all been based on a lie. The lie says that Black people are being killed by police because of systemic racism. Of course, the numbers show different as I indicated in Opinion: Most of This Turmoil Has Been Based on a Lie.

This brings us to the most significant step. Note the arrow coming from BLM, ANTIFA, and pointing towards Negotiations with government representatives. Back in June, BLM seditionists occupied a six-block area in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. They chased out the police and took over their headquarters building. Interestingly enough, although being anti-border wall, these folks erected one of their own to keep the police out and make it easier to control ingress and egress of their own citizens cum hostages.


At that time, media adulation of ANTIFA and BLM, despite their extremely violent actions, gave them a certain underserved cachet and in some quarters, a perceived moral authority to act as a government in negotiations. The Wall Street Journal reported:

SEATTLE—Black Lives Matter protesters negotiated with local officials here Friday over their terms for leaving a six block area that they have controlled for most of the week without a police presence.

Instead of the Seattle Police immediately restoring order, the Mayor essentially ceded them territory whichever effectively granted statehood to a bunch of folks who were committing open and notorious sedition and criminal trespass. The Mayor couldn’t have accomplished that without the willing cooperation and encouragement of the Fourth Estate.

Does this mean that these United States are on the brink of collapse? Of course not. When we look at the totality of the circumstances, this is an easily resolvable problem, for the short term anyhow. In fact, the Seattle Autonomous Zone has already been dispersed. A six-block, wannabe city state is a far cry from actually toppling our Federal Government. I’ll explain why further on in this series.

Speaking of earlier, I said three significant events were happening, with the third being the Presidential election. We will also examine that in a subsequent part of this series. I’ll explain why there. Stay tuned.



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